AHS Freak Show Review: Back in Business


Some shows can’t handle to big casts and sometimes AHS has problems with selecting the stories and give proper focus to each characters. The first couple of episodes served as a good introduction for this seasons story but now we really need the story and characters to go somewhere. “Pink Cupcakes” was eventful but seemingly unfocused with the story all over the place.

Thanks to Jimmy and his heroic act the Freak Show once more gathered audience but that didn’t get Elsa the wanted attention. The public wasn’t fond of her and asked Stanley for help. Stanley wanted to bring her out big and on Television! But Elsa’s heart broke when Stanley choose Dot and Bette instead of her.

At the meeting with the twins Stanley intended to poison the twist but it wasn’t that easy. Elsa started plotting against the sisters and tried to take them out on the easy way. She overhanded the twins to Gloria.

Jimmy had issues on his own. After Maggie rejected him, he found comfort in Desiree’s hand. They started fooling around but quickly his Lobster arms made a mess down there causing a miscarriage. Evan Peters is really playing a great Jimmy. Think this role suits him really well and he explores this character profoundly. I hope he gets enough space this season.

Dandy and Gloria were dealing with him murdering the house keeper. Apparently not only is Dandy is a nut case, his father was as well. Dandy wanted to be an actor but his mother wouldn’t let him, so Ryan Murphy decided to give us a lot of underwear Dandy. Underwear Dandy after a lot of self-loving decided to move on and went to a gay bar where he encountered Dell on a date with Andy, played by the handsome Matt Bomer.

I was really surprised to see Dell so open about his feelings towards Andy. I mean I don’t like stereotypes but Michael Chiklis isn’t the type you cast to be a gay character, but he pulled it off so well. Andy being a prostitute just upped the game. Dandy picked up Andy and killed him while wearing Twisty’s mask. Dandy dissected Andy part by part cleaning up the crime scene. Sadly it was a one episode stint by Matt Bomer and with White Collar coming to an end this season he could/should get a more permanent role on AHS.

The bigger surprise was waiting for Dell at home. He found Desiree, who had a miscarriage earlier. Desiree her whole life thought she was a freak but after the doctor confirmed she wasn’t a Hermaphrodite but just a women with an extended clitoris. After Ethel told her Jimmy was Dell’s son she left him alone in his trailer. Dell couldn’t help himself and threatened the doctor and broke his hands keeping Desiree depended on him.

ICYMI Gabourey Sidibe made a guest appearance. She played Dora’s daughter who was asking for her mother, cause she missed their weekly call.

AHS set up a lot of stories and the set up is fine but I need more emotion’s, scenes that will shake up the whole show. But let’s see what the producers have in store for us. There are still 8 episodes in this season and I hope they push the story like in the first 2 eps and don’t drag the story around just to fill up the episodes.


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