The Vampire Diaries Review: Not doing so great


“The World has turned and left me here” was one more great episode of The Vampire Diaries. Season 6 is a great improvment from season 5 on multiple levels. The storytelling is better, characters get nice development and I can’t wait for the next episode to happen.

The most surprising development of the 5th episode of season 6 is that Damon succeeded to escape from Kai’s personal Limbo hell. Yes Damon returned to the world of the living and I’m quite surprised it happened so soon. But again it seems like a good decision when we look at what place Elena is, but later on that. The bad thing of Damon coming back is that he came back alone. Bonnie stuck in the limbo with our dear psychotic Kai.

After Kai explained that the “homecoming” spell must be conducted in a tomb in the woods Damon started to dig a hole. Upon finding the tomb Bonnie confronted Kai about the spell she had to perform, she realized he didn’t knew the spell and executed her. Bonnie connected the dots so amazingly well I just grew to love her more. The Gemini Coven asked a Bennett witch, probably Grams, created the Limbo so Kai wouldn’t find a way out but Bonnie as a Bennett witch was able to exit the Limbo. GREAT WRITING! Love how everything fall into place.

The final scene when they made a replica, from the season 5 final when they disappeared into oblivion was perfect set up. But Kai appeared and destroyed the perfect moment and shot Bonnie with an arrow. Eventually Bonnie succeeded in prevailing over Kai and sent Damon to our world with the key falling apart. But Bonnie stuck in the Limbo injured.

This weeks Stefan was the worst version of him I ever saw. His dealing with Damon’s death was bring out the coward I never thought he was. He dumped Vampire Ivy into Caroline’s lap and started to make an exit plane. He asked look for a day light ring, Alaric to erase Ivy’s memories and was out on his way. But as this is the VD things went all wrong when Ivy broke Caroline’s neck and created a totally new kind of mess. Caroline confronted Stefan about his desire to leave and asked him to please run away cause she can’t look at the person he become.

But Ivy running away head multiple consequences, first Tripp found her and abducted her second her next victim run away and right in front of Tyler’s car. Tyler run of the road into a Corn Maze where a party was held with Alaric and Elena. A bunch of people were hurt luckily Alaric and Elena with their blood and Jo and Liam with their skills to safe people. And they succeeded in saving all of them, except the guy Tyler run over. But no Tyler’s Werewolf curse wasn’t activated as Liv jumped in and suffocated the already dying man. There was no salvation for him so Liv decided to help save Tyler and prevent him from becoming a monster.

I must say Tyler’s story is interesting this season and I can’t wait to see more of him and Liv. The scenes were he comforted Liv for killing they guy was really enjoyable and I’m sure Tyler will keep his promise to be the best version of himself.

Alaric and Elena were on dates with Jo and Liam respectively and the dates were quite funny. Both Elena and Alaric had tough times adapting to their new lives. The fact that Elena knows she was in love with a sociopath killer was giving edge to her character, especially cause of the Elena we once knew. I enjoyed her easily going into the thing with Liam and appreciating him for the great person he is. Elena kissing Liam at the end was a nice touch, cause she geniuely liked him and the hero he was in that Corn Maze.

Alaric was on top of his game. After telling Stefan to go and F off cause he abandoned the search for Damon he made an appearance at the Corn Maze party. He spent some great time with Jo and helped her rescue a bunch of people. Afterwards tipsy and drugged Jo confessed how attracted she was towards him and it was so sweet. Alaric tried to compel him out of Jo’s mind but wasn’t affected by the compulsion. This leans even more towards my theory that Jo is Kai’s sister he let survive. But will see, I’m more interested to see where Alaric and Jo will go from this.

The episode ended with Stefan visiting his family tomb and talking to his death brother. I liked to see Stefan be aware of the mistakes he made and the way the pain was eating him up. A few moments later Damon appeared in front of his brother and they engaged in an amazing hug. I had goose bombs all over my body. And with this I end my Review. I can’t wait for Damon’s comeback in a couple of days.


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