Quick Recap: The Big Bang Theory 8×07

The Misinterpretation Agitation

TBBT’s 7th season 8 episode, “The Misinterpretation Agitation”, was an other excellent episode proving to be TV’s best currently airing comedy.

This week we met Dr Oliver Lorvis a misguided man, who bad interpreted Penny’s “sales techniques” and came to ask her out. This lead to a chain of strange events when Sheldon asked Lorvis to join them at dinner.

The way Leonard, Raj, Howard and Sheldon were fascinated about Lorvis being the Urologyst of the Famous was hilarious. The stories Lovris delivered were extremely funny and he would be the future of our Nerds if they’ve never met Penny.

Penny’s new job is quite entertaining and going so well for the show. Her reaction to Lorvis appearing at her door was interesting. It’s always nice to see Penny being the grounded one with real reactions.

Later Lorvis took the gang to his basement to show them his Nerd collection full of Comic and Sci Fi stuff. Lorvis was still living with his mother and Howard making fun out of that was hilarious.

Later Lorvis locked up the gang in the basement and went after Penny again, but encountered Amy and fall for her. His constant need for attention was delightful he even made a move for Berny.

Penny, Berny and Amy went to rescue their boys but upon arriving they realized the boys didn’t need saving at all.

The episode followed another storyline involving Amy and Berny. Berny was asked to pose sexy for a magazine but Amy was against it. She thought it was to hard for women in science already and sexing it up wasn’t helping at all. They shared some funny scenes and I hope they continue to stick them together cause they always deliver.


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