How To Get Away With Murder Review: Keating’s 5


How To Get Away With Murder with no doubt cemented itself as this falls best new show. “Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole” continued 3 trends, giving some insight into one of the Keating’s 5 and crush us with some new twists and turns.

First off I have to say I loved that Annalise called her 5 master students Keating’s 5. The case of the week was connected to a David Allen who was put on in prison 20 years ago and now has a chance at an appeal in front of the Grand Jury. They had 3 days to prepare the case and things got quite messy. Why? Cause Asher’s dad was Judge on the case and neglected some accusations from the prosecutor. And while Annalise was making the Judge their new target, Asher was investigating his father on his own.

It was nice to see a different side of both Annalise and Asher. Seeing Asher call out his father on the case was really a big deal for him. He idolized his father so much and his heart broke when he called him out on the case, but he had to do it. But I was impressed how quickly he got back from the hit he took. He blackmailed Annalise into getting the trophy if he shares information with her. He fessed up that his father did a favor for Senator Art Trucco by neglecting false testemony accusations. So the Keating’s 5 were looking for dirt on Trucco to connect him to the case.

Eventually Asher was the one who found the key destroy Art Trucco and safe David Allen. Annalise went all Commander in the court room but she hadn’t firm evidence. The scene was really strong and showed the passion that was driving Annalise. But eventually Annalise succeeded and Allen was granted a second trial. Annalise being so devoted to her clients I really giving a great edge to her character.

This weeks twist was still connected to the Lila Stangard case. After Wes confronted Annalise for her husband being Mr Darcy he cut himself of Annalise. He did appear in class he gave back the trophy. But Annalise pulled him back into the show but under the condition that she’ll bring Rebecca back. So Annalise assigned Frank to set Lila’s phone into Griffin’s car and afterwards made Wes convince Rebecca to come back. It was a great move, but Nate suspected it and took photos of Frank planting the phone. GAME CHANGER!

ICYMI Annalise confessed her love to Sam and told him she is doing all this cause she couldn’t live without him. He is a huge part of her life and she needs him. Once more a brilliant execution of Viola Davis and not the last one for this episode, but we get to that just in a second.

The character who picked up major steam this week was Bonnie. I mean I adore Liza Weil since her Gilmore Girls days and her several guest stints were always greatly delivered. But Bonnie is a new dimension. She is one of my prime suspects for killing Lila and Sam, both out of love for Sam. This week she is stepped up against Laurel cause she was leading Frank on. I enjoy Laurel and Frank’s scenes and lets see where this will end.

This week Bonnie appeared in the Flash Forwards for the very first time and with no other than Asher. She slept with him the night of the Bonfire and Sam’s death. Overall the Flash forwards were Asher centric explaining what he was doing the night of the Sam’s murder.

The episode ended with one more cliffhanger when Annalise called up Bonnie upon arriving at her house and saw her rug gone. Annalise was in tears cause she knew something bad happened. But the bigger surprise was that she accused Bonnie of being with Sam. We are just 5 weeks away from the big Murder reveal and things just got more interesting.



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