Once Upon A Time Review: The Business of Misery


The beauty and the bad decisions!? Yes that could be the title of the latest OUAT episode. “Family Business” was an extremely packed episode, featuring mostly on Belle and proving that being beautiful isn’t the only feature you need in the fairytale land.

During this weeks flashbacks we saw a quite delusional Belle seek answers to what happened to her mother. Her mother died during the Ogre wars and Belle somehow forgot what happened to her. The only way to get her memories back was to visit the stone trolls in Arendelle.

Upon arriving Belle met a sceptic Anna who was looking for the stone trolls as well. After Anna met The Snow Queen aka her aunt Ingrid, she was completely off. She didn’t trust Ingrid or her intentions and went to the rock trolls to seek advice. They quickly reached Grand Pabie and he gave Belle a stone which would help her recover her memories.

Besides that he told Anna a part of her family history. Her mother had 2 sisters, Helga and Ingrid and after they disappeared Grand Pabie took the memories of the 2 from all people in Arendelle.

Ingrid used her powers and attacked Belle and Anna causing Belle to lose her memory stone and kidnap Anna and the sorcerer’s hat, that Anna obtained in The Apprentice. In an amazing face off Elizabeth Lail and Mitchell gave everything from themselves and delivered and amazing scene. Ingrid confessed she always wanted a family and needed someone new to replace Helga.

Upon arriving home Belle’s father told her the truth about her mother. Her mother protected Belle from the Orger’s and died in the process. This sent Belle on a new mission to protect her people from the Orgers and seek out Rumplestilskin.

The present time Storybrooke story was all about Belle’s guilt driven actions. After she spent some time with Elsa, her guilt pushed her towards some unreasonable actions. She forced Rumple to help her with the fake dagger. Rumple pretended to obey her and transported them to the Snow Queens cave. Belle was searching for the Sorcerer’s hat, she thinks is still Ingrid has.

In the cave Belle faced her dark self in The Snow Queens completed mirror. The mirror was mirroring her dark and guilt ridden personality that brought up all the darkness inside her. This lead to Belle confessing her “crimes” to Rumple and bound over her current weakness. I hoped Belle would finally find out about Rumple’s betrayal but this will make the eventual reveal have a bigger impact.

Rumple was still in his devious ways and blackmailed Ingrid to play the game his way or he would use the Sorcerer’s hat on her. What is Rumple’s goal at this point? No clue, but I’m eager to find out.

After Elsa and Emma did some digging they connected the dots and realized that Ingrid wanted Emma to fit into her perfect little family. Belle at the end revealed what she knew about Anna’s whereabouts and Ingrid’s intentions She also shared with our protagonists that the Mirror Ingrid completed would make people go against each other resulting in everyone’s demise except herself, Emma and Elsa.

Regina had probably the most difficult task last night. She told Robin she couldn’t heal Marian and if he wanted to safe her he needed to forget about Her and fall in love with his wife again. The lack of Regina focus throughout the season is a bit underwhelming but still I think Regina’s real-time will come a bit later this season.

ICYMI Captain Swan was still shipping all over the place and it seems like they are in a functional relationship. Even Regina noticed that Emma was exchanging looks with Guyliner. #Hilarious

An exceptional well layered episode ended with some great revelations and hidden agendas just waiting to blow up in our faces. Next week will be all about Ingrid’s back story and how she become the family seeking Villain she is today.


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