AHS Freak Show Review: U’re not the One


AHS Freak Show took the game onto the next level with their Halloween episode. During “Edward Mordrake Part 2many dark secrets were revealed and the clowns went all out after they captured Maggie and Jimmy.

Edward Mordrake search for this years Halloween victim was excruciating and deeply emotional. Jessica Lange once more delivered a great performance as she told her darkest stories to Edward and revealed how she was tricked and lost her legs. Elsa even begged Edward to take her but he couldn’t. She wasn’t the one who should join the music took him away.

The music come from Twisty the clown’s layer. Twisty and Dandy captured Maggie and Jimmy as well. And things started to escalate. Jimmy succeeded in rescuing Maggie, Bonnie and the other 2 boys but was captured by Twisty in the process. Than Edward appeared to Twisty and his terrifying back story was revealed. Twisty was a bit dump and naive, was bullied by some freaks and labeled as a pedophile. His tormented mind couldn’t handle that so he even tried to kill himself but wasn’t successful, Eventually he engaged on the road of killing people so he could give their children an appropriate show.

After hearing the story Edward had no doubt Twisty was the one he had to take and clean him. He killed him and took his twisted soul. John Carrol Lynch was extraordinary in his portrayal of Twisty the clown. Sadly it seems he won’t return to the show in this season but there are many years of AHS to come.

The new situation sold Jimmy as the town’s hero and the people finally excepted the Freaks. With the Twisty chapter coming to an end, there is a lot of space to develop new interesting stories featuring the rest of the cast.

Special kudos to Finn Wittrock as well, he is doing a great job by portraying Dandy. After Twisty’s death he obtained his mask and finally reached his comfort zone and killed the maid.

This season of AHS has its own flare and I hope that the story will serve well all the special characters introduced this season. With 9 episodes left in this season there is time to tell all the stories and I can’t wait to see them out.


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