The Flash Review: Pun Intended


Episode 4 of The Flash’s freshman run was filled with amazing one liners (exp: I wanna see it, Your shoes are smoking,  Species of Adorable Nerds, Are they even speaking English?, ), character and story development, a freezing Villain and a bunch of Belicity scenes. Yes Felicity stopped by to see how it feels to be “Going Rouge”.

This weeks episode introduced one of the DC comic Villain’s, Captain Cold (played by the stunningly handsome and smart Wentworth Miller). Captain Cold aka Leonard Snart was a brilliantly executed character. He served his character right, with a lot of cool/cold references and a bad-ass attitude. Usually Cold would be an easy target for The Flash, but after he obtained a weapon that could kill Barry he was a completely new level of dangerous. Cold was psychotic enough that the weapon Cisco made was just upping his devious game.

Yes you heard well, Cisco develop the weapon, He created it in case Barry wasn’t cooperative and a devious meta instead. Wells went mental on Cisco for developing the weapon and a major blow out followed when a person died cause Barry wasn’t prepared. Barry pulled of his best Oliver Queen impression and made Cisco feel really bad and I felt bad for Cisco really bad. Cisco paid his dues eventually. During the ultimate confrontation with Snart, where he used Barry’s devotion against him, Cisco, Caitlin and Felicity went out to the field to save Barry. Snart created a train wreck forcing Barry to go all out while trying to save all the passengers. Afterwards Cold overpowered Barry, letting Cisco be the hero by threatening Cold out of Central city.

The Special effects were perfect and did a great job for this episode. CW is going all out on this show.

Felicity’s introduction into the world of Barry Allen was extremely well delivered. Her first meeting Iris, getting introduced to Team Flash, the Arrow secret, the whole set up was brilliant. And that cause of the amazing work Emily Becket Rickards and Grant Austin. Their scenes are just so intense, filled with googly eyes and adorable lines. Iris trying to make them happen was adorable and awkward at the same time. Dr Wells line about how he forsaw great things for Felicity added great anticipation towards her future development.

The double date at the Trivia night was somewhere between great and terrible, cause Iris pushing Belicity was hurting Barry more than he would let anyone knew. The Belicity kiss at the end of the episode was a perfect closure for their lingering relationship. Barry and Felicity would be the perfect match in a perfect world but right here right now they are far far away from each other.

Iris had other issues on her hands as well. Dad Joe didn’t handle well that Iris was dating Eddie. Not cause of Eddie himself more because Eddie was his partner and how would he look Iris in the eyes if something would happen to him. Eddie finally showed some balls as well and went up against Joe and his orders. Joe eventually gave in and let Iddie be.

The end of the episode featured a cryptic scene between Cold and Mick Rory the feature Heat Wave and as it seems Cold is creating his team of Rouges to counter Team Flash. I hope that Cisco and Caitlin revealing themselves to Cold will have repercussions. The Flash is going on a break and will come back with and explosive episode featuring the appearance of the DC character Plastique.


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