Quick Recap: The 100 2×02


“Inclement Weather” did a great job and introduced a new phenomenal opening sequence and a bunch of interesting stories .

At Mount Weather Clarke was still resisting the commands and rules of the residing people. I must say the setting in Mount Weather is creepy as hell with all those people hiding stuff and pretend everything is fine. At one point Jasper called Clarke out on her actions cause she was risking the safety of the remaining 48 who enjoyed life at Mount Weather. And Jasper was right, Clarke was selfish, she should stayed put but she couldn’t help herself.

After she saw a soldier rapidly healed from dangerous and live treating burns she self-afflicted injuries transporting her into the medical area of Mount Weather. There after some snooping she found Original Grounders, including Anya, being tortured.

Meanwhile Kane tried to maintain order at the Arc camp and it was a hell of a job. He asked Bellamy to give him as much information as possible but Bellamy couldn’t think right he juts wanted to go and find his people. The fact that Kane locked Murphy with Bellamy just made tensions rise. But Murphy explained his case and Bellamy started to trust him to a certain level. So when Abby arranged for Bellamy to escape with Finn and Charlotte, he decided to take Murphy along as well.

Abby on the other hand dealt with Raven’s shot wound and had to perform in surgery without anesthesia to safe her legs so she would be able to walk. Raven’s screaming was terrifying. The surgery wasn’t a complete success and that was good, I mean everything being fine would be a really big stretch. She lost sensation in her left leg but should be able to walk with crotches.

Octavia found herself alone with a guy named Michael who healed her poisoning and informed her that Lincoln was captured for betraying his camp. Octavia overpowered Michael and forced the camps leader, Indra (True Blood’s Adina Porter) to give her Lincoln. During the trade Reapers interfeered and took Lincoln and Michael leaving Octavia hurt and in Indra’s hands.

On the what’s left on the Arc, Jaha found a baby that motivated him to fight for his survival. Isaiah did a great job, the special effects were really well done. Along the way it was revealed that Jaha was halucinating Baby Wells and Teenage Wells. Jaha’s subconscious was playing against him and made him fight. So he launched himself towards the Earth on special racket missle making him land on Earth in some sort of desert.




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