Gotham Review: No Heroes


I know I’m really late with this review  and I’m sorry to miss this episode cause Gotham finally started pick up some steam! “Spirit of the Goat” followed the great dynamic introduced in the previous episode and gave some not so prominent characters long needed focus.

Back 10 years ago a violent killer killed 3 persons and during the capture mission Harvey’s partner got hurt and left paraplegic. This took a major tool on Harvey and transformed him into the person he is today. It was a nice move to let us know why Harvey tried to teach Jim that there is no space for Heroes in Gotham.

But the old Harvey resurfaced when a killer copying the Spirit of the Goat appeared in Gotham. The way Harvey couldn’t handle his emotions was interesting to watch and letting us know that he pays his old partner’s bills and porn magazines gave his character a lot more edge. Jim and Harvey later came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a copy cat instead it was someone who worked exactly like the Original Spirit of The Goat. Jim and Harvey capturing the killer together was a nice move. But I was more surprised to see that the therapist was behind all those murders. It was nice to see Harvey connect the dots and hilarious to see him being surprised that he is right.

Jim had other issues on his mind as the reconcilation with Barbara wasn’t going that well. The secrets were eating up all the good they had between each other and it wasn’t pleseant to watch. But again their chemistry was intense and beautiful. The other issue was that Montoya and Allen found a witness that saw Jim shoot Cobblepot and arrested him. At the police station things escalated when Allen tried to arrest Harvey as well. The episode ended on a cliffhanger with Cobblepot appearing at the Gotham Police Station.

In the first couple of episodes I wasn’t a fan of Oswald Cobblepot but the last 2-3 weeks he is making the show worth watching. I can’t wait to see his transformation reach full range. This week Oswald spent quality time with his mother, Gertrud (Carol Kane). Their possessive connection was extremely strange but we found out that Oswald thinks Jim is his friend. Can’t wait to see how this friendship will implode.

For the funny parts of this weeks episode were headlined by Edward Enigma. He liked a girl who worked at the station and the way he tried to show that he is carrying were completely creepy. Cory Smith is the perfect choice for the role I hope he gets a lot more focus as the show progresses.

Interesting scenes happened at Wayne mansion as well, as Selina randomly broke into their mansion and looked what Bruce was researching. I was glad to see Selina again but it was to random, let’s see what they have in store for her.

MIA this week were Fish Mooney, Falconi, Liza and Maroni. I hope they will come back in the next episode and take the story further along as the story is certainly heating up.


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