Arrow Review: Killers United

Arrow, 304 - John Barrowman

“The Magician” was Arrow’s 50th episode and it was an extreme outing, featuring the return of Nyssa and Amanda Waller and some intense confrontations. Arrow has developed a good field where it combines the emotions and actions so well that the episodes are so easy on the eyes.

Nyssa’s comeback put Team Arrow back on track to find Sara’s killer and Katrina Law killed it. Nyssa was pain reflected so well everything the Team was feeling but couldn’t express. Her rush attitude, inepropriate comments and her superior behavior were all signs of trouble.

But more important were the information she brought with herself. Nyssa told our Team that Malcolm was still alive and that Sara before her death was looking to confirm he is alive. Eventually they found Malcolm’s hideout under the name Jansen and Nyssa failed in the battle with Oliver only being able to hit him with an Nano bytes arrow so he would be able to trace him. This lead to a confrontation between Oliver and Laurel who wanted Malcolm’s head on a silver plattern. And while Oliver wanted to stick with his promise not to kill Nyssa was all about revenge.

After this one Oliver had to face Malcolm on his own in a public place where and Malcolm convinced Oliver he didn’t kill Sara by swearing on Thea’s light. This didn’t satisfied Nyssa who went after Thea so she could get to Malcolm. It was nicely set up and the Nyssa-Thea banter that followed was surprisingly entertaining. Not to mention how enjoyable it was to see Thea easily lying to Oliver about not seeing her after the Slade army situation.

The battle scene between Nyssa, Oliver and Malcolm was extremely well executed and purely emotional as Oliver was the one who prevailed and decided to let Malcolm go. In the process Malcolm seeded the seed of doubt that the League was behind Sara’s death.

Katie Cassidy’s performance this week was really strong. The writers used her in a more subtle way, letting her express her feeling without being to annoying. At the end Nyssa gave Laurel her blessing and encouraged her to keep on with her goal to become stronger.

Thea showed she isn’t there to be underestimated either. I dig her devotion to her father but it seems like she is a bit compeled so I hope we dig a bit more into their relationship.

The Flashbacks this week were once again Hong Kong centric and after Oliver conducted his first kill for Amanda, he snooped around a bit found out that Amanda was watching him during his time on the island and Freyter. And that the target in the plane during the season 1 final was China White. Besides that China White is back in Hong Kong and Amanda needs to know why.

The episode concluded with Nyssa returning to the LoA and confessing her father what happened in Starling City. Ra’s al Ghul wasn’t happy with Oliver’s actions and declared war. Matt Nable as Ra’s was interesting to see, I really look forward to see if he has what he needs to be a dangerous Arrow Villain!


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