The Originals Review: Boys will be Boys

Live and Let Die

Season 2 episode 4, “Live or Let Die”, and the Originals really go strong. The newest The Originals episode featured Cami’s magnificent return, Esther and Finn’s newest plan and some steamy Gilajah action.

New Orleans become a really big playground, while Klaus was hunting down Mikael and Davina with Cami’s help, Elijah, Hayley, Oliver, Marcel, Gia, Josh and Aiden, a new wolf in the quarter, were trying to stop Esther’s newest plan.

In the fight to prevail the upper-hand over Klaus and Elijah, Esther and Finn intended to fight of Marcel’s new Vampire army. To do that they started a plan to turn a bunch of innocent humans with the wolf gene into wolves. Hayley, Aiden and Oliver asked Elijah and Marcel for help. It was an interesting storyline to follow and Aiden’s leadership was extraordinary presented. Aiden, played by Colin Woodell, made quite the impression.

The plan was well layered and the kids escaped quickly, but eventually it was revealed that the kids weren’t the pray. All along Esther wanted Elijah and after he and Oliver took out 2 dozen of her wolves Finn and Esther appeared and captured Elijah themselves. Really a smart and game changing move. Esther is a tremendous Villain. She plays her role really well and for know the writing involving her suits the story really well.

Before Elijah was captured he had some amazing moments with Gia. I mean how wouldn’t they. They are extremely hot but very subtle in their sexuality. The way he thought her to fight using musical terms was a brilliant move. Julie Plec certainly knows how to play out a romantic relationship.

Speaking of romance, Josh and Aiden surprisingly shared a moment. Josh was seeking for love via some social networks and he found someone. He only later realized it was Aiden he was t/sexting with. Later they met up in a bar and followed through with the date.

As I stated earlier Cami came back. At the begging of the episode she had a session with her mentor Vincent, possessed by Finn. Cami of course didn’t knew it and confessed him how she had some secret feelings for Klaus but never explored them. Of course this episode was there to dig deeper into their relationship. After Klaus listen to Cami talking to Davina they went on a road trip to find Davina and kill Mikael. Cami of course was against it but realized Klaus could go alone but he needed Cami to tell his story. He told her everything about his parents and their past. Cami did everything she could to stop him kill Mikael again but he just let her be and went after Mikael and Davina.

Mikael and Davina were spending some quality time together as he was teaching her how to defend herself in case her magic fails her. I don’t see Mikael as a Villain. He is just a bad man who was just to proud and couldn’t deal with the mistakes her made and the mistakes people around him made. Davina got hurt during their training session and called Kaleb, who was possessed by Kol, to take care of her. That move was quite pulled out of the hat. Invite someone you met twice in this dangerous situation not smart. Their connection seemed quite honest and enjoyable, Davina needed someone to trust but just picked the wrong person.

While Davina was resting Kaleb searched for the white oak stake but Mikael saw him and tried to kill him. Kol saved himself by promising he will break the spell that binds Mikael to Davina. Kaleb looked petrified and I loved it. Daniel did a nice job impersonating Kaleb and the fear in his eyes seemed real. Later he tried to steal the bracelet but Davina woke up just to realized Klaus is on his way.

Davina and Kaleb performed a cloaking spell which almost worked till Klaus saw their family mark on a wood stick outside the cabine. A fierce battle between Klaus and Mikael erupted as Kaleb/Kol broke the spell Davina cast on the bracelet. Klaus eventually prevailed as he stick Mikael with Papa Tunde’s knife. Later Cami arrived and Klaus confessed he will listen to her and not kill his father.

The writing this season is much more consist and the writers seem to have a plan how this Original mess will resolve. Next Mondays episode will be a major one as Nina Dobrev crosses over to impersonate Tatia, one of the doppelgangers, and tell the tale of 2 brothers in  love with the same women.


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