Once Upon A Time Review: To be or not to be, Friends


“Breaking Glass” continued the current OUAT trend and gave us some development and resolution and then swept the ground under our feet with a surprisingly revelation.

This episode was major on Emma and gave us some long needed inside in her past and where some of her issues come from. In this episode we flashed back to Emma’s teenage years and at what point she stopped trusting people. It was all about Emma( in her teenage years played by Abby Ross) meeting Lily (Nicole Munoz). They shop lifted together and formed and interesting bound. Abby Ross played a great Emma. She really did a great job in capturing Emma’s pain and the feeling of not belonging anywhere.

Emma and Lily broke into a house and formed a sisterly bound. At the end everything fall apart when Lily’s dad appeared and revealed that she was lying to Emma all along. Emma was sent back to the system and started to become the woman she is today .

Meanwhile in present time Storybrooke Emma found pictures showing her associate with The Snow Queen aka Storybrooke’s Sarah Foster. With no recollection of those events Emma and Elsa sought out Regina who wasn’t in helping mode. Instead of that Regina was looking for The Snow Queen with Syndey’s help.

The story further progressed as Sarah lured Elsa into a trap and bound her magic with a spell. Emma and Regina continued their respective search together and a lot of banter and of course funny moments followed. Emma’s need to be friends with Regina and forcing their relationship was interesting to watch. Emma awkwardly connected to Regina’s bad side and felt like she could understand her own dark side. At this point I get the Swan Queen shippers all over the internet. Their scenes and chemistry is over the top, especially now when they aren’t fighting each other.

Eventually The Snow Queen attacked Emma and Regina with her snow man and a fierce fight erupted. The fight resulted with SQ stealing Sydney away from Regina and Elsa defeating her own fears and stopping SQ before she killed Regina.

The following scene between The Snow Queen and Sydney was intriuing as never before. SQ didn’t want Sydney for her service she wanted Regina’s Mirror. Cause every Mirror has a part of someones soul. Regina’s mirror completed SQ huge mirror, made out of a bunch of broken ones, and she revealed to us that now she can have the family she always wanted.

At the end we saw Emma and Hook bound once more. And it was delightful, the way he takes care of her and she the way she takes care of him are just perfect. After Emma opened up about Lily to Hook they watched a tape Emma and Lily made. The watching of the video presented OUAT newest twist, The Snow Queen (Sarah Foster) was Emma’s foster-mother at one point in her life.

Meanwhile Mary Margaret and David delivered some hilarious moments. David tried to pull Snow away from baby Neal, cause she is overprotective of him. David lured her out and after they saw Will Scarlet escaped they started to searching for. In a hilarious set of circumstances Snow encountered Will digging something up on the beach. Snow started to talk and answer her own questions, letting Will tricking her into thinking David arranged for her to capture Will so their spark would rekindle. Hilarious!!!!

Next week will be Rumbelle centric and reveal tidbits of what happened back in Arendelle. And even though I’m not a Rumbelle fan it will be interesting to see how their relationship will develop when Belle finds out the truth about Zelena and the dagger.


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