The Vampire Diaries Review: My Own Personal Hell


“Black Hole Sun” was the best Vampire Diaries episode in recent history. It featured almost all main characters, gave some characters surprising development, thrilling flashbacks and a couple of twists we didn’t saw coming.

So let’s start with the flashbacks and limbo storyline. Kai forced Damon to explain him and Bonnie why he thought that the limbo timeline was his personal hell. Damon was completely against it but Kai wasn’t backing down so we flashed back to May 10th of 1994. Damon came back to Mystic Fall and wanted to reunite with Stefan and spend time with him. Back than Zach Salvatore was still alive, if you recall he was killed by Damon in the begging of season 1. Zach was living in the Salvatore mansion with his pregnant girlfriend Gail.

But Damon couldn’t keep low, he eliminated the vervain out of Gail and Zach’s coffee and started feeding on them. Stefan didn’t like that and locked Damon up without his sunlight ring. Stefan and Damon majorly clashed but with the eclipse happening Damon was able to escape and kill a bunch of people and attack Gail as well. Stefan cut all his ties to Damon and sent him away. Gail went into labor and delivered a baby girl but ultimately Gail died and Stefan erased her from Zach’s memory.

The flashback free limbo scenes, revealed that to go back they needed a magical relic to harness the power of the eclipse. The relic belonged his family and he asked Bonnie to perform a locator spell to find it. Just they didn’t need the spell as the relic was in Kai’s possession. Bonnie eventually connected some dots and Kai’s real identity was revealed. Malachai was a psychotic murder who killed almost all of his siblings and as a punishment banished into the Limbo by his coven, the Gemini coven. If you don’t remember, back in episode 2 the Gemini coven was mentioned cause of their ability to talk to the dead.

After finding out who Kai/Malachai was Bonnie backed out of the plan to get them out of the Limbo. But that wasn’t all Kai couldn’t generate magic on his own, but could temporarily steal it from other, channel it. That is the reason why he wanted Bonnie’s magic back and that justifies all the moves he made until now. If Bonnie and Damon doesn’t cooperate he will strip Bonnie from her magic and kill them both. Bonnie being supportive towards Damon was a really nice scene. She telling him that his feeling of guilt makes him a better than Kai was a great conclusion to their newly found friendship.

Back in present time Mystic Falls, Stefan thought Elena how to start over. The 2 of them were just adorable to watch. The fake proposal scene was hilarious. After Stefan convinced Elena that he is fine, she intended to leave. But returned for a sec just to see Stefan’s sick way of coping. He let a random guy punch the pain out of him. This let to an extreme confrontation between the new besties.

Stefan couldn’t take her snobbish approach towards his pain and told her the truth about Alaric compelling Damon out of her. Elena couldn’t believe she was ever in love with Damon, but Stefan gave an extremely great explanation.

Damon inspired you, he pushed you to own the darkest parts of yourself. And when you died he was the only one that could make you feel alive again and you made him feel human. You loved Damon for the same reasons that I loved Damon. Because in spite of every single thing that he did, we couldn’t live without him. Now you don’t have to, but I do.

This lead Elena to confront Alaric about compelling her, but pre-compulsion Elena had a back up plan. She left a diary entry for herself just to remind herself that the grief would make destructive.

Alaric and Jeremy shared some great scenes as well. After Jeremy drunk himself through the Salvatore liqueur cellar, Alaric took care of him again. Jeremy was pissed that people resent him for grieving and then Papa Alaric thought him a lesson. He was full of issues, but wasn’t lashing out on the people around him. He was finding a way to survive it. It was a great scene and finally Alaric returning had a good real purpose. Now a sober Jeremy found Sarah and a major reveal happened, Sarah is Zach and Gail’s daughter. She is a Salvatore and a Travler by blood. Don’t know how important that will be.

I’m really happy Matt seemingly has a story on his own. He started to investigate Tripp and got so close to him that Tripp told Matt his story. He is hunting Vamps cause one of them killed his wife and compelled it out of him. When he returned to magic free MF his memories came back and he made it a mission to kill all the Vampires he can. Next on his to do list, ENZO! But not before he tells him who is working on him.

I love how well layered all the new additions to this season are. All of them have interesting stories and motives tied up to their hottish personalities. Tripp and his Wife, Sarah and her paternity, Kai and his killing fetish and Jo. Yes Jo most likely has a secret on her own. Looking at her age I would say she is the sister Kai let survive and will become key part of telling Kai’s story.

This week the Parker Twins, Tyler and Caroline were MIA, but this will change already next week. And ICYMI this week’s episode ended with the big reveal that Enzo feed Ivy with his blood before killing her and she turned into a Vampire. I really love how Vampire Diaries raised it’s level from the last 2 season. But truth to be told the begging was never the issue of a VD season, trouble starts after the winter break so let’s hope this season will be different.


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