Reign Review: With Child


So Reign is really on a dark path this season. The executives decided to challenge Mary and Francis throughout this season and the rocks on their road sometimes seem too big to be removed without leaving damage. “The Lamb and The Slaughter” wasn’t an excuse, the episode had a strong story, intense twists and finally Mary’s ladies got some focus again.

The christening of Lola’s bastard son was approaching and the tension between Lola and Mary rose quickly. The arrival of Narcisse and his new bride Estelle, the girl who helped Lola give birth, were just putting oil to the fire. Estelle was forced into marrying Narcisse and asked Lola for help. Lola turned to Francis and Mary and while presenting Estelle’s case she involved a bit of her feelings. Lola felt marked, trapped between the walls of the castle and pushed to be someone she didn’t want to be. Anna Popplewell is a fine actress and her mimic and performance overall was brilliant again.

Lola later went against Mary’s orders and secured Estelle an exit. The exit went terribly wrong and Mary and Lola went up against each other but Mary decided to help Estelle exit the castle cause now Lola’s life was in danger as well. After the two bonded Lola asked Mary to be the child’s Godmother. Estelle later killed herself and a surprising scene followed. Suddenly the Reign writers decided to give Narcisse a more human side. Narcisse was grieving over his wife’s body. Narcisse was so hurt that he confied in Lola about his life and the way his father forced marriage on him.

On the day of the christening Mary proofed to be more than a friend, more than a human. She suffered a miscarriage but still went through with the ceremony. With Prince Lui Conde’s help she covered up her pain and went through with the christening. It was tough to see Mary and Francis suffer, cause they were so happy when Mary announced the news. Even Catherine was happy for them.

A string of murder cases introduced us to the Riders! Bash presented them as the Reckoning for all the stuff happened lately in France. It was interesting to see the believer Bash interact with the so rational Conde. Opposites attract and I hope they will share more scenes as the show progresses further.

Greer finally got sort of center stage this week. After getting some small scenes throughout the first couple of scenes, this week changed with the arrival of Leith to the court. Greer sought advice from Kenna and was confused all those feelings inside of her. She couldn’t simplify them and juts go for it. After she shared a dance with Leith at a ball she realized why she couldn’t go for Leith and went to speak to Castleroy. She ride the whole night just to get rejected by him. But Greer decided she wouldn’t let go of him. Castleroy was the right choice for her and with a deep and sincere speech she proofed it to him as well. They concluded the episode by making love to each other. Mostly I find Greer boring as hell but when she gets enough space and stops complain all over the place she is quite enjoyable to watch.

Reign is going really strong this season and the writers are doing a great job by telling the story of two young struggling Royals. This all seems like a solid built up heading towards the inevitable , Francis demise. As closer they get the bigger impact it will have on Mary upon his death.


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