The Vampire Diaries Review: Taking a Chance


“Welcome To Paradise” was a great episode, handling a lot of characters, diverse storylines and some major game changers. VD certainly raised it’s game and storytelling and once more the Bamon limbo moments were executed quite well, while the rest of the Mystic Falls gang had a nasty day at a lake.

Bonnie was happy! The fact that someone finished her crossword made her gain faith again, meanwhile Damon was awfully pessimistic. Damon was convinced that he and Bonnie were trapped in his own personal hell and Bonnie couldn’t take it anymore. She lashed out on him trying to take his sunlight ring so his hell would finally end. This resulted in them furiously parting ways.

Eventually Damon met Kai in the store! Kai played by the terrific Chris Woods was an extremely interesting character. How not to love the guy who poisoned Damon’s Bourbon and tried to kill him. All this with the intend to awake Bonnie’s magic and he succeeded. To protect Damon, yes you read right, to protect Damon Bonnie finally connected to her magic and with Damon’s help overpowered the hottish guy in the store.

Meanwhile a Damon memory free Elena was embracing life to the fullest. She was carefree, positive, going through life without any of the Delena drama. It was odd to see Elena go through this. With Stefan returning to get revenge for Ivy’s death, reliving the Stelena chemistry was quite funny. Usually the show was always dealing with people taking care of Elena and seeing Elena be the one who wants to reunite the gang, take care of Caroline and live a Mary Sue life was odd.

At the lake party Liam, one of Elena’s new friends, kissed her. Liam is quite the hotty and it he gets Elena on some other level. He got to know the new “improved” Elena and they have a sweet connection, even though Elena meant to set him up with Caroline.

But Caroline wasn’t in set up mode. She was hurt over Stefan’s actions from last week. Caroline was completely distraught after last weeks confrontation with Stefan. And after this weeks confrontation my heart broke for the beautiful blonde girl. Stefan wouldn’t let himself feel anything, he let only the bad emotions drive him. The only thing he could focus on was killing Enzo for killing Ivy last week. And he almost succeeded the 2nd time. The first time they were interrupted by one of Matt’s mates and Tripp’s soldiers, Jay who intended to kill them. The 2nd time he succeeded and delivered Enzo to Tripp for execution.

The reveal that Tripp is a Vampire hunter hit Matt quite hard. Matt finally got a storyline on his own and it was quite sad to see him break after finding out that Tripp is a hunter. Let’s see how this will develop for Matt

Tyler and Liv were on colission course. Liv was so bitchy to him, while Tyler was the best boy possible he could’ve been. At the end of the lake party Liv confessed she was so mean to him that she wouldn’t fall for him. Even though I was completely opposed to Lyler happening I’m quite happy with what we got between those 2.

The biggest revelation of the night, after Kai appearing, is that people who were compelled upon entering Mystic Falls stop being compelled. This fact makes Sarah a dangerous girl who knows Elena’s secret.

As earlier stated this was a good eventful episode and the next one seems at least as good as this one, cause we are getting 1994 flashback. Can’t wait for it.




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