The Originals: Deepest Despair


If a show knows how to make several game changing moves in just one episode it’s The Originals. Once more I was on the edge of my seat, anxious to find out what is next in store for my favorite Originals. “Every Mother’s Son” featured the most awkward family dinner in recent history and Esther’s agenda was revealed, what makes this a lot more fun.

Esther is the perfect Villain, strong, insightful and always has a plan B. I must say I’m always cheering for the Witches, hardcore Charmed fan here and The Original were pretty tough on those supernatural girls in season 1. So it’s refreshing to see Esther do her own think. Plus the addition of Yusuf Gatewood as Vincent aka Finn made this episode so enjoyable.

After Klaus and Elijah got Ether’s dinner invintation they intended to play it smart and recruited another witch, Lenore (Sonja Sohn) to discover in which body she’ll transport if they make an attempt on her life. Unfortunaely for them Vincent was stalking them and kidnapped Lenore. But Hayley was there and had a back up plan. Oliver was a part of the plan and told Hayley the location of Lenore. Hayley quickly rescued Lenore and they conducted the spell.

Meanwhile the family dinner took some unexpected turns. After Finn revealed himself to Klaus and Elijah in Vincent’s body, a lot of brotherly banter happened between the siblings and finished with the majestic appearance of Esther in Cassie’s body. During the dinner and episode overall we witnessed what kind of great relationship Klaus and Esther had back in time, but the biggest reveal happened when Klaus realized that Esther intentionally kept Klaus weak so he wouldn’t reveal her secret of betraying Mikael with the werewolf leader. Upon that Esther left Cassie’s body and possessed Lenore. As Lenore, Esther finally revealed her real intentions she wants to heal Hayley and her children. Transport them into new bodies letting them live a normal human life.

Kudos both to Sonja Sohn and Natalie Dreyfuss for their interpretation of Esther, I slightly enjoy Sonja more but it’s easier to believe Esther is talking out of her. I still hope Natalie sticks around and connects to Davina, there were friends a year or two back.

On the other side of the town across the river Marcel forced Elijah to spend time with his new Vampire soldier, Gia, throughout the episode. She is a broken hotty and Marcel was smart for playing on Elijah’s constant need to save people and make them whole again.

ICYMI Hayley has a lot of resentment towards Elijah for avoiding her. I really hope they get a bit back to their essential story.

MIA Cami is nowhere to be found for 2 weeks. Why Julie? Why Julie? I need Cami to be all over my screen.

The episode ended with Elijah encouraging Klaus to be the leader hidden inside of him, while Esther promised she will bring the deepest despair upon her children. If that isn’t a reason to tune in next week I don’t know what is.


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