The Flash Review: Inprison my Fears


“Things you can’t Outrun” featured the appearance of the Mist, a quite unique and deadly meta-human, and flashbacks that served both the story and characters in the right way.

The Mist was an intriguing antagonist as his ability to turn into poisonous gas was quite useful on his killing spree. The Mist aka Kyle Nimbus was on a significant killing spree and killed a whole mafia family, putting himself on Team Flash’s to-do list. I really enjoyed the special effects featuring the mist and it attacking Barry.

With Kyle appearance a new issue came up how to detain someone who can control gas. Wells had the idea to use the Particle accelerator as a Prison for the outta control Meta-humans. The mention of the Accelerator spiraled Caitlin into a bad place and Barry noticed it, so he interfered and took her along to investigate the Mist.

The scenes that Barry and Caitlin share are so deep, have such a great momentum I really enjoy the bond they are forming. I’m not necessary shipping them but I wouldn’t mind for them to happen. Eventually Barry gave Caitlin enough strength to go to the accelerator and realize how much she loves Ronnie for the sacrifice he made.

The last name on The Mist’s list was Joe, as he was the one to arrest him. The thing is that Joe was visiting Henry Allen during the attack. The Mist interrupted a really strong scene between Joe and Henry. Joe was asking Henry to forgive him and informed him that he will reopen the investigation about Nora’s murder case. Henry than saw Barry in the Flash suit saving Joe’s life. Still no clue if he put the nods together or will held The Flash guilty for Nora’s death.

Eddie and Iris relationship was on a stand this week. Eddie was sick of hiding and I get him he isn’t a kid anymore and is more the serious type. Iris later stepped up and kissed Eddie in the middle of the Police station. Iris overcame her fears and committed to Eddie. What would be there shipper name ? Iddie? Eris? How can they be a couple if their shipper name doesn’t sound well?

In the flashbacks we saw what happened after the particle accelerator started working and him going out of control. Along the way we got to know Caitlin’s dead/missing fiancée, Ronnie (played by Robbie Amell, destined to become DC’s Firestorm). Ronnie sacrificed himself and manually modified the accelerator so no one would die. Cisco made the tough call and locked him in while Caitlin cried as Ronnie said goodbye to her.

The episode ended with another strong scene featuring Barry and Henry in Iron Heights and another cryptic scene during the night of the accelerator explosion featuring Wells who watched how the thunder stroke Barry. In just 3 episodes The Flash set up some major mysteries and I can’t wait to see the show resolve them and set up new ones.


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