Scorpion Review: Don’t Think Emotionally


As I live in Serbia I have some small difficulties with with watching shows out of the US. But watching Scorpion is a whole new playing field, especially an episode like “Plutonium is forever”. A lot of hacker, PC and radio frequency special talk puts me in need of under titles.

This weeks case revolved around Marc Collins, an ex Scorpion member. Marc is a manipulative as* who was smart enough to get into Walter’s head. Marc and Walter have an interesting connection and not often you can see someone make Walter doubt his own decisions. After Gabe brought Walter to Marc, team Scorpion was included on the case and none of the other members weren’t into the game to play.

A nuclear reactor was malfunctioning and Marc detected it, while he was radio hacking into the reactor. Marc joined the mission to make update the reactor’s system. They needed to make a SCADA update. Walter tried to pretend that all his decisions are based on business not on emotions and that made him but head it was completely emotional.

As said in last weeks episode review Walter’s arrogance was really annoying and this week even progressed more. Him going against his team is unforgivable and choosing Marc over Happy was a really bad move. I’m glad Happy told Walter right away he was an as* and still did what she thought was right. She did the back up check and caused the reactor to go nuts, putting Gabe in deadly danger.

Eventually Gabe escaped death by going through the sewers and erupted from the ocean in Bond girl style. I must say Robert Patrick looks fine for his 55 years.

But the reactor was still threatening to explode and the team was doing the update. A heart to heart followed between Walter and Gabe, where Walter confessed that he partly committed Marc to see if someone can take him out of his craziness if he falls so deep. Walter eventually found out that this all was a set up made by Marc to proof he is a wordy part of the team. Marc activated a Trojan horse so only he could save the day and after an emotional confrontation at Marc’s house the blow up was prevented.

Character wise this was a big episode one Walter, I really hope his character will evolve more along the way cause even though his arrogance is annoying it’s suiting to the character. Marc was able to plant a seed of doubt in Paige’s head as well, making her doubt Walter’s intentions towards her and Ralph. Walter later throw off all the suspicions.

Toby and Happy were slowly progressing their friend/relationship. Toby is the kind of guy that gets under your skin with his silliness and awkward behavior, and not even the always focused Happy is immune to it. Can’t wait to see their relationships progress.

Once again a great episode happened making me what to dig deeper into these characters and find out more about their back-stories. Marc Collins was a big part of the Scorpion family but I hope we get some intel in their life before Walter .


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