Reign Review: Coronation is about Survival


 I’m so sad Reign got labeled. When I say labeled show I mean simplified to love triangles and inaccurate history. The show is so much more than that it’s about struggle, real human confrontations, plotting, scheming, and Reign does all this so well and delivers with each week.

In Reign’s 3rd season 2 episode “Coronation” focused of Francis and Mary rising as rulers and succeeding in feeding their people. The plague left quiet a mess in France and with Narcisse (Craig David), one of the stronger Noble man in France, going against our royal couple, not selling them food or letting others sell the, things got pretty messy. Every time Francis and Mary made a move, Narcisse stood in the middle of the road not backing down.

But salvation seemed close as a German Duke would sell food to Frary if they release some German soldiers arrested back in the time by Henry. But not even that went through smooth, as Francis was occupied by the event from “Drawn and Quartered” . He went to a man who apparently communicates with the dead to examine the Nanny that was possessed with Henry’s spirit. Once more the Nanny got possessed  by Henry.

Francis absence made Mary deal with Schuler, the German Duke, on her own. She let Schuler take his men and a fight with erupt between Mary and Francis cause she defied him. Thinks even got more messy as the prisoners disappeared and made things even worse between our royals. Mary further investigated the case and found out Conde was behind the prisoners disappearance.

Mary confronted Conde and made him return the prisoners. Afterwards they put Narcisse in his place and presented them as a strong force at their Coronation. A lot of people are questioning Conde’s intentions and already predict some shipping there. I must say I enjoy Conde and Mary interacting but I don’t see there happen any romantic connection. It’ll maybe stear up some arguing between Francis and Mary but currently they are deeply united. And as much Frary’s relationship grows it will give a much bigger impact to the show when Francis dies at one point.

ESPECIALLY KUDOS to the costume department Mary looked perfect in every dress she wore.

Kenna and Bash had a hard time getting into their new/old roles as well. While Bash was investigating  Lord Barnard, Kenna was tricked by Lady Barnard. Lady Barnard promised a Chateau for little favors. When Kenna found out that Barnard was part of Bash’s investigation, she refused all the gifts and told Lady Barnard her husband would be prosecuted. Than Barnard threatened Bash’s life and Kenna made the evidence of Lord Barnard’s guilt disappear.

Catherine was meanwhile strengthening her own position in France, and her occasional banter with Narcisse is quite delightful. Can’t wait to see where their “relationship” will go. Each new Reign episode delivers highly and I can’t wait for the show to take new steps towards Mary’s uprising as the Queen of Scotts. Long may she live.


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