Quick Recap: The Big Bang Theory 8×06


– Once again TBBT delivered a great episode, The Expedition Approximation once more dealt with some blocks on Penny and Lenard’s road and Sheldon crushing his boundaries.

– After the group made fun of Sheldon and Raj, cause no one thought they could survive doing experiments about the Dark Matter in a mine, they conducted an try out in the University steam tunnels to mime their conditions of a mine.

– Sheldon-Raj interactions are always really funny so them spending time together is always a good thing.

– It was hilarious when Sheldon didn’t know who Miley Cyrus was, but even better when Raj explained him.

– Sheldon eventually ran away when rats appeared in the tunnels, making the experiment last for 11 whole minutes. Leaving Raj alone and locked in the tunnels.

– Problems erupted between Penny and Lenard when Penny sold the car Lenard gave her cause she had car provided by her firm. When she wanted to give him the money the really issues came up.

– During a sequence of interesting one liners Lenny eventually found common ground and wanted to seek advice from Howard and Berny.

– Howard and Berny started to fight more about money and each others obligations made Penny and Lenard feel much better. Eventually they throw the money over the bad and made sweet love all over it.


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