Quick Recap: Scandal 4×04


– “Like Father, like daughter” or all the ways Kerry Washington killed last week was a really good episode. It seemed like a stupid episode just pushing Olivia and Fitz into a room but it was so much more.

– The President’s daughter, Karen (Mary Mouser) called up Olivia after she ended drunk and gang banged at a party. Olivia successfully got her out of the party. And as everything seemed fine the dirtiest sex tape Olivia ever saw, that should mean something, was about to hit the internet featuring Karen.

-Olivia and her team started to deal with the tape. Quickly they found the boys who were part of the tape and Liv faced their parents. Liv was shocked when the parents asked for money. All the tension lead to an Olitz kiss, terrible move guys, terrible move. Not a Olitz supporter, but it wasn’t the place to be. Thankfully Liv stopped it before going further and confessed Fitz she was with Jake.

– Later Olivia wanted to give the money to the boys parents, The Morgans, but was surprised that they asked for 500000 more. Olivia decided to destroy the Morgans. She threatened the hell out of them and they cave in. Who wouldn’t??? Kerry performed extraordinary.

– Mellie went all gaga upon seeing Olivia in the White house. This lead to a huge blow out between Mellie and Fitz and it was spectacular. Fitz couldn’t keep it together anymore and throw everything towards Mellie and she and I were shocked when we found out Karen was into something called The Eiffel Tower (google it). This hit Mellie hard, so she stepped up and talked to Karen and mother and daughter embraced each others pain.

– Cyrus was still seeing the male prostitute Michael and Abby was still having complexes about being just a bad version of Olivia.

– Rowan was going Commander after Jake confronted him last week. So he pressured Tom to eliminate the thread, but when it seemed that Rowan was falling apart and would be connected to Jerry Jr murder Scandal introduced the biggest game changer to date.

– Tom was much more afraid of Rowan so they made a pact and set Jake up for the murder of Jerry Jr.


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