Quick Recap: Grey’s Anatomy 11×05


9 minutes into Grey’s latest episode and my heart already broke. “Bend and Break” majorly focused on Calzona and the way their relationship broke apart.

The first 9 minutes featured a lot of banter during Calzon’s marriage counseling and we rewind all the roadblocks on their road, from Arizona’s Africa trip to the surrogacy.

Than the therapist concluded that it would be best if Arizona and Callie would take time apart. Live together but don’t share, don’t talk to each other, don’t share intimacy, don’t cheat and it was tough. Callie seemed to take it much harder while Arizona was working through it.

Callie started spending more time with Meredith, who was in a similar position as Callie. She didn’t talk to Derek, didn’t sleep with him just in a more healthy way. Callie and Mer got drunk together at Joe’s and made laugh a couple of times during this really hard episode.

Meredith questioning if Christina was the love of her life was hilarious. The drunk night out concluded with Callie entering Arizona’s room and kissing her. This made their 30 day break up restart.

Arizona was meanwhile focusing on her career and dr Herman was kicking her to the ground and her competitive college dr Graham Madden (played by the extremely handsome Nicholas D’Agosto). I like Nick since his appearance on Master of Sex and his pushy nerd role in this episode was executed brillinat.

Arizon also spend a small amount of time with April and I was happy they didn’t forget that A&A got pretty close during season 10. And I’m happy Shoda remembered April was still part of the show. I miss my quirky April, but the delightful Sarah Drew is pregnant.

Callie and Arizona had to start their break up a couple of times as they couldn’t resist their emotions and need to be close.

The episode concluded with a shocking decision. While Arizona’s decision to get back together, was influenced by failing as a fetal surgeon, Callie bursted into tears and explained she wants to break up with Arizona.

Along the way it was revealed that dr Herman knew Adison and laughed around with Amelia about Adison raising Henry. Love they didn’t forgot our girl Adison.



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