How to get away with Murder Review: Sex, the Universal Motivation


Hands down How to get away with Murder is probably TV’s best drama at the moment of course! Or to be even more precise the best drama I’m currently watching. It’s funny, exciting, intriguing and a hell of a ride. Every hour feels like a movie with a bunch of great lines, interesting game changers and some steamy actions. “Let’s get to scooping” was a Connor centric episode and that means there were a lot of naked male upper bodies.

The episode followed our team handle 2 cases, Rebecca’s case and the case of Marren Trudeau. Marren is a self-confident sexually open woman and I loved her! Elizabeth Perkins did an amazing job. She was so protective of her firm and couldn’t even think that one of her employes was stabbing her back. But Annalise was bound to proof her wrong and set her piranhas to find out which one. Connor was the front-runner and sexed up with Paxton(Niko Pepaj), Marren’s personal assistant and provided proof that Marren was set up. Jack Falahee’s Connor is probably the best character on the show, after Annalise of course but we’ll talk about that later. After Marren confronted Paxton killed himself leaving Team Annalise without evidence.

Annalise turned up the temperature during the deposition and tricked Thalia and Jimmy, Marren’s co workers, to rat on each other. Closing the deal. But Connor suffered the consequences for his actions as his boyfriend Oliver found out about Connor’s hook up with Paxton and broke up with him.

Meanwhile Annalise was in trouble after Rebecca confessed to have killed Lila Stangard. The issue was she couldn’t get the confession tape, so Liza Weil’s Bonnie made the big move for the tape. Liza plays an extremely good character, Bonnie is cold but determined, strong but fragile looking. So she stepped up her game. After she witnessed Nate go through Sam’s car she used that information to get the tape and free Rebecca out of jail. This lead to the shows biggest line to date.

Why is your Penis on a dead girls phone? 

Rebecca showed Wes what was on Lila’s phone that is so important and he delivered the phone to Annalise. Who recognized the penis pic as her husband. The cliffhanger scene where she asks Sam about the penis pic was so well done. First Annalise unmasked her fragile self, taking of her wig and all the make up she used to hide herself. And the tone she dropped that line amazing.

During the flashforwards Connor was freaking out all over the place. The scenes were a mix of the right after murder scenes, the car drive and the post bone fire scenes. Exquisite. Connor pointed out all of the faults that they could expose them as the killers.

This extraordinary line left me hanging for so much more, and as thing get even more complicated I even enjoy the show more.



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