How To Get Away With Murder Review: Look at the Wallpaper


“We’re not Friends” was another great episode. The pace, dynamic, interactions and development were well-arranged and let to another great cliffhanger.The episode focused on wallflower Laurel Castillo and her finding her grounding between all those outspoken individuals.

In the flash-forwards we saw Laurel explain why Frank was calling. She slept with him and cheated on her great boyfriend Kan. Michaela bashed against Laurel’s actions while Connor enjoyed to see her twirling around the fact she was a cheater. Later a scene followed that showed Michaela falling apart while searching for her engagement ring. As Michaela had to return the trophy to Asher, Laurel offered to deliver the trophy instead. But she wouldn’t, instead she sought out Frank who said he would do anything for her. You’re a nasty girl Laurel and this wasn’t the only time Laurel surprised me in this weeks episode.

Laurel also took center stage in the case of the week, as their client was a kid who protected his mother from her abusive cop husband. It was an emotional case and all team members were deeply involved. The show gave us some insight in how jury picking goes around and how important the jury is for a trial.

To keep it short Laurel messed with the jury informing them about Jury nullification that lead us to a mistrial. Frank and Laurel were at each others throats through out the episode which concluded with a passionate kiss and Laurel taking that passion to screw the hell out of Kan, lucky guy.

Last weeks cliffhanger ended in a violent confrontation between Annalise and Sam as he confessed to have slept with Lila. Viola did a great job in performing the terrified scorned women and kicking Sam out of her bedroom was a well deserved move.

Things got even more complicated when a drunk Annalise sought out Nate who got fired after Bonnie’s actions from last week. Nate wouldn’t let things sit on him and told Annalise that Sam wasn’t at Yale the night Lila was murdered. I like Nate and his actions revolving around paying Annalise back for taking him apart back in the Pilot.

Annalise later confronted Bonnie about going behind her back and Bonnie tried to defend herself but Annalise wouldn’t hear her out. But again an intellectually advanced women would fire Bonnie right away, so I’m interested to see what Bonnie has on Annalise so she couldn’t let him go.

Afterwards Annalise confronted Sam about his whereabouts on the night Lila died. Sam explained how Lila called him in distress but when he returned from Yale he couldn’t find him. Annalise forced Sam to do a fake psych evaluation on Rebecca to find out what Lila told her about him. The talk between Sam and Rebecca was quite entertaining and made me appreciate Katie Findlay even more. She was solid in The Carrie Diaries but her performance on HTGAWM is extraordinary, the writing just suits her perfectly and she sold Rebecca to me.

The episode concluded with Rebecca escaping bail and telling Wes that he can’t trust Annalise and that he had to LOOK AT THE WALLPAPER. Wes confronted Annalise about the fact that her husband is the naked man on Lila’s phone. And black out, the episode ended! We are counting down the days till the night of Sam’s death and with just 6 weeks away it seems far and close at the same time.


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