Gotham Review: Viper out


This weeks Gotham episode, titled “Viper”, was finally an episode that was on point great. A lot of mafia business, betrayal, game changers and character progress were all part of last night and I was happy Gotham finally got there.

My first dislike of Fish Mooney slightly improved to the better side as her plan to take down Falcon via Liza was starting to really grow on me. The interaction between Fish and Liza was working well. And when the episode ended with a suddenly blond Liza approaching Falcon in a park, I was thrilled to see how this story will develop.

Meanwhile the main focus of the episode was centering on a new drug cruising through the city. The drug Viper gives people superman alike strength by activating unused DNA but leading to a unvaitable death. Stan Potolsky was giving out the drug for free consuming and all hell broke loose in Gotham.

The search for Stan lead Jim and Harvey to Isaac Steiner. He told them Isaacs story which ended after Isaac consumed Viper and attacked Jim and Harvey. Jim concluded that Stan’s next target will be the people that crossed him, including the people of Wayne Enterprice and WellZyn and the WE charity event was the perfect location to conduct revenge. Jim and Harvey luckily stopped the attack without any further loss.

On the other part of the town Oswald made a not so smart move. He told Maroni his real identity and his connections in Falcon’s casino. This let to a lot of beating on poor Oswald. To confirm his story Oswald named Jim as his source and Maroni kidnapped him to proof the story.  After Jim confirmed the story, Oswald grew back into Maroni’s good grace and Jim got recruited as Maroni’s help.

Also on the other side of Gotham, little Bruce Wayne was doing some investigation on his own. He looked into the Arkham project and found irregularities in the way the company was working. Eventually Alfred joined Bruce’s quest to find what is going on behind all this facades.

MIA this week Barabar Kane, Montoya and that other cop following Montoya around. That should change next week and if Gotham continues this way I will be quite happy to see it if it keeps evolving this way.


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