Scorpion Review: Vegastastic


I know I’m really late with the review for Scorpion’s 4th episode, “Shorthanded” but please understand I’m a working medical student. I watched this exquisite episode the day after it aired but didn’t had time to write this review.

“Shorthanded” is Scorpion’s best episode till date, it had a nice built up, some intense twists and a pretty great resolution. Everything started with our crew taking on a solo job at a Vegas casino. Tension was building up right away as Gabe wasn’t happy with the crew leaving, Paige be anxious about leaving Ralph, Sylvester stressing out about his fear of flying and Toby’s gambling issues put so much more pressure on the team.

Walter was overall a douche as he was neglecting the feelings of his team members and pushing the leader role to a limit. Team Scorpion quickly resolved the issue at the casino but witnessed a robbery. Things quickly escalated and Walter’s snobbish attitude put him into jail. And with bail put on 500000 dollars the rest of Team Scorpion had to switch into a higher gear.

While Toby and Sylvester were trying to gamble into the money, some female bonding provided Walter a way out of jail. Happy and Paige have more and more great scenes, these females are kick as*. They found some clues that lead them after .

And just when things seemed brighter for Scorpion, Toby gambled away 250 000. He faced Walter masked as a lawyer. Once more Walter was arrogant as hell and I wanted to punch him so much into his face. Walter is based on a real life character and I hope he doesn’t share the same arrogance as this Walter, cause the writers really don’t want us to like him.

Upon the blow out between Toby and Walter the others had to break into the casino to proof Walter’s innocence. But Walter went on a bit of soul-searching when in jail he met the guy he arranged to get fired earlier. With his help he flew from jail and encountered his friends who were hacking into the casino’s computer. During the mission Toby got caught and the daughter was revealed as accomplice to the robbery.

Renee, the casino owner’s daughter, set up a meeting with the rest of Team Scorpion but didn’t knew that they called Gabe, who took control over the case. Gabe forced the Toby and Walter to work their issues out and them reconciling felt really great and played out nice.

The episode featured a lot of pans and I really laughed while watching it. The balance between intensity and laughs was well executed and Scorpion is cementing as a great addition to my TV rooster.


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