Quick Recap: Grey’s Anatomy 11×04


– “Only Mama Knows” was in my opinion the best Grey’s Anatomy episode in recent history, on par with “Fear” (the season 10 final).

– The episode gave plenty inside into Elis Grey’s past and honestly proofed Shonda’s statement that Maggie Pierce was planned from the begging of the show. In other news Kelly McCreary was made full pledged season regular.

– Once again the episode was all about Meredith and the way she dealt with Maggie, Derek, a sick kid and her mothers past. Meredith struggled hard with the revelation that Maggie is her sister. So she asked Richard to give her one of her mothers diaries from the period of spring 1983, the year Maggie was conceived and delivered. Meredith finally put the pieces together and things were clear to her.

– A lot of flashbacks to 1983 and scenes from the first 3 seasons revealed more about Elis life and struggle and how much Richard leaving her affected her life. It was interesting to see that Richard was a bit intimidated  of Elis talent and gift and that was behind him not leaving Adele.

– Besides that the girl who played little Meredith was brilliantly cast, I enjoyed every flashback with her.

– After Maggie announced she was leaving SGGS hospital, Amelia set up for her to talk with Derek. With Derek and Mer having some issues, Maggie had to reveal to Derek she was Meredith’s sister. It was a good moment as Derek knows his way around women, especially sisters.

– This warmed Derek and Mer’s relationship up a bit and Derek made Mer talk to Maggie and the sisters connected.

– Alex was frustrated that the board member voting was unanimous and went after Mer and Arizona. They were the persons that would’ve stand behind him but didn’t. And them both had their reasons, Mer cause she wouldn’t give him her pity vote and Arizona cause of her new fellowship.

– Richard in a moment of anger revealed to Bailey that Maggie is his daughter.


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