Quick Recap: The 100 2×01


-Finally The 100 premiered! “The 48” was the first episode of season 2 and it was crazy a crazy good thing that spiraled the whole season into a new direction.

-Before digging into the story I have to say everyone is alive Murphy, Raven, Bellamy, Finn and Jaha.

-Clarke spiraled out of control at Mount Weather and caused mass panic. There she met the leader of the M. Weather people, President Dante Wallace. A really mysterious guy who explained that the people at M Weather didn’t got used to the radiation and that is why they are living underground.

-Later Clarke reunited with Monty, Jasper and the others, and while Clarke was bound to exit the station Monty and Jasper enjoyed not to be hunt down as animals. Clarke couldn’t settle for that, she needed to find the other survivors..

-Raven was trapped at the drop box as she couldn’t move and the only person by her side Murphy, the one who screwed her over back in the S01 final..

-It wasn’t really revealed how Bellamy and Finn survived the explosion but it isn’t even important as they bring on the performance and it was there. Finn was held captive by Tristan and Bellamy would do anything to safe his “friend”, but Monroe and the other one let him down and Trisatn, the powerful Grounder, trapped him as well. But Kane and the other survivors killed Tristan and saved them.

-Finn and Bellamy lead Kane, Abby and a bunch of the others to the dropship, where they found Raven and Murphy. After Bellamy attacked Murphy Kane detained him letting him know the rules have changed and that now he is in charge.

– Octavia was meanwhile hit by a poison arrow and Lincoln rushed to safe her life. .

-With Jaha not giving any response from the Ars, Kane got the role of the Chancellor, but Jaha was very much alive and delivered a great solo scene bringing this awesome episode to an also great ending.


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