Arrow Review: Teach, Thought, Arrow


Was “Corto Maltese” all I wanted it to be? Don’t think so! But did it deliver once more, hell yeah!!!! After a big emotional episode like “Sara”, ” Corto Maltese” had a tough job to follow-up. But with the episode focusing on the most hidden season 3 story, the Thea-Malcolm present time and flashbacks, this was a must see. So let’s explore the episode.

Episode 3 of Season 3 started with a 6 month flashback and relieved the moment Thea entered Malcolm’s limousine. It was a great moment cause we saw them make that initial bound. Thea went with Malcolm cause she decided she can’t be weak girl anymore she needs to become stronger, evolve into someone other people would fear so she wouldn’t get hurt again. So Malcolm started to train her and when she was about to crumble out of the training cause it was to hard, Malcolm turned the page and got rough with Thea so her survivor instinct would come through. And she came through better than expected.

I have to say I’m so glad Willa Holland got time to express her character and shine in a completely different light here. Back in present time Oliver accompanied by Diggle and Roy, headed to find his sister. In Corto Maltese Thea was living a seemingly peaceful life, but secretly she turned out to be a killer machine. The girl knows how to work with a sword. Her first encounters with Oliver and Roy were underwhelming, but the second time she talked to Oliver when he started to tell her the truth was awesome.

It was such an emotional scene. The moment when Oliver told Thea that Robert survived the crash and killed himself so Oliver would survivor was heartbreaking. After this Thea decided to go back with her brother, but before heading back to Starling city she had to sword fight it out with Malcolm. Thea won, but she knew Malcolm let her win cause like always Malcolm has his own agenda. Can’t wait to see this play out.

But their stay at CM wasn’t all about Thea. Lyla asked Diggle for a favor, he should locate one of their rogue agents, Mark Shaw. Upon meeting Shaw everything seemed okay but thing quickly went out of control when Shaw was revealed as a hacker was selling out information about ARGUS, including Lyla. Team Arrow found a way to stop him giving this episode some nice action scenes.

But my favorite part of the episode was Laurel’s story. Sara’s death spiraled her on this amazing road and she embraced it completely. Laurel wasn’t struggling with her addiction cause the rage within her was eating her up, she couldn’t even feel the alcohol calling her. She tried to distract her, do something so that rage would disappear. So she focused on a girl whose boyfriend was beating her up on a regular basis. She stalked the BF and tried to give him a taste of his own medicine but got beaten up quite easily. This drove Laurel towards Oliver, who refused to teach/train her cause he couldn’t put Laurel in danger cause Sara wouldn’t forgive him.

Oliver deciding not to teach Laurel made her reunite with Ted Grant, JR Ramirez. Ted Grant is known in the DC Universe as Wildcat the one who trained Black Canary. Here he is an ex boxer who takes care of some kids by teaching them to defend themselves. He saw Laurel struggling and offered her to help her go through her issues.

ICYMI Felicity had her first work day at the new Queen Consolidated. It was quite the day as Laurel and Diggle were pimping out favors. Felicity had a tough time to explain all this to Ray but he seemed to have secrets of his own that made him so much more interesting. Could Ray be working with ARGUS? No clue but his vehicles looked powerful. And yes Felicity decided to visit Barry in Central city so there is that.

The episode ended with a cliffhanger as Nyssa came back to Starling to find Sara. Next week marks Arrow’s 50 episode and with Nyssa and Oliver hunting down Malcolm it should be a hell of an episode..



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