AHS Freak Show Review: Halloween is coming


I’m still not sure if I liked “Edward Mordrake Part 1” but let’s say AHS found it creepy vibe once again.

The addition of Finn Wittrock to the cast was a brilliant move. His psychotic portrayal of Dandy Mott is really entertaining and giving the show a new dimension. In Dandy’s newest creepy move he made himself a clown costume and was messing around the house. But he couldn’t kill his maid even though he was angry enough. The writers sticking by the fact that Dandy is a weakling was well executed, but there is a big difference between being psychotic and being a murder.

Dandy later met up with his “mentor” Twisty, who captured himself another toy to play with.

Things were going downwards for the people at the Freak Show, after Meep died last week. But this week a new addition graced our small screens, Maggie Esmeralda, played by the great Emma Roberts, joined the show as a fortune teller. Maggie in real is a cone artist working together with “dr Stanley” (Denis O’Hare). They need a rare artifact to sale and no place a Freak Show is full of rarities! She soon arrived at Elsa’s Freak Show and impressed Elsa with some naive fortune telling. Elsa was in a bad place and she bought Maggie’s fake story so easily that I almost fall of my stole while laughing.

Jimmy fall quick for Maggie, but don’t get me wrong she had the hots for him as well and Dot hated that of course. Maggie’s arrival gave Jimmy some motivation but he was still in a bad place for causing Meep’s death. Bet and Dot were having some internal struggle as Dot was dreaming how someone was taking them apart. Bet was horrified by that and trying to find a way out of that. But I’ve got a feeling “dr Stanley” will try to work his way into that operation. Not that it matters but Stangley was revealed to be a homosexual with an extraordinary penis as the Viking king was really happy to see it.

Now back to the episode title, Edward Mordrake. Edward is a real person used quite well in the show. Edward had a second face on the back of his head and according to AHS “mythology” if a freak show performs on Halloween Edward comes to take someone with him. After Elsa performed at the main tent, Edward appeared to a suffering Ethel. Ethel was diagnosed with Liver cirrhosis and suffering. Katie Bates finally got some time to express her character, she really delivered this week cause everyone was feeling for Ethel. The story about her trying to make a break through under Dell’s management was heartbreaking.

After this attempt failed Dell organized a live viewing of their son, Jimmy. This made me just despise Dell even more. Michael Chiliki’s Dell is a character born to hate and I fairly enjoy doing it.

Edward being shaken up by Ethel’s story was a nice touch, glad she survived the night, but Edward isn’t backing down he will take someone next week. Next weeks episode will be especially scary as Halloween is just around the corner.



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