Quick Recap: The Big Bang Theory 8×05


Last week it was all about Boys vs Girls! “The Focus Attenuation” was extremely entertaining as the boys were trying to focus on their science while the girls used the time to spent a weekend in Vegas.

The boy wanted to go back to their basics and their old ideas and do something scientifically important. They tried really hard to stay focused but they were easily distracted. Just the mention of the movie “Social Network” took away all their focus and brought along some major laughs. Some hilarious chit was all over the place. Shifting from Social Network over Back to the future and Pidgeons playing ping pong to ultimately end the episode with the quartet watching Ghostbusters.

The boys would use any situation to break their concentration and the world wide web was helping them big time. The use of Internet here was pricesly done and entertaining to watch.

The girls meanwhile had a great time in Vegas, until Penny’s boss put her presentation 2 weeks earlier than it should be. And while all the fun stopped for Penny, Berny and Amy were blasting jokes till I LMFAO. I really enjoyed their solo scenes. They are small packages of huge fun.

After they got drunk they went to molest a hard studying Penny and kidnap her to watch Australian Male strippers. The lines were great and perfectly executed. The morning hangover scene was the really a great conclusion to this funny instalment.


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