Once Upon A Time Review: Seed of Doubt


I had high expectations from “The Apprentice” and I must say I was surprised to see how eventful this episode was. The 4th hour of OUAT’s fourth season featured a lot of soul searching and putting the Snow Queen story on pause and moved the story in an interesting direction.

This weeks Flashbacks were exciting and moving, and all Kudos going to Elizabeth Lail and Robert Carlyle for going all out last Sunday night. First we saw Zoso, the Dark one before Rumplestilskin, trying to steal the Sorcerer’s hat. Even though Zoso overpowered The Apprentice he couldn’t pass the Sorcerer’s powerful spell. The hat supposedly had great power within and every Dark One was trying to get that Hat

Rumple’s approach was much smarter. He used Anna’s pure heart to challenge her and break the spell put on the hat. Even though his first attempt failed his second was greatly executed as Elizabeth and Robert gave their best acting into their following scenes. After Anna refused to put something into the Apprentice tea, Rumple revealed it was an antidote for the poison he gave the Apprentice the day before. The Apprentice conveniently turned into a (Micky) mouse and Anna was devastated about the mistake she made. Later Rumple threatened to lock her up into a tower cause she didn’t complete her part of the barging. After Rumple mentioned Elsa’s disappear a couple of times Anna was angry enough to kill him but she didn’t attempt to do it.

Rumple easily took the hat into his position, and explained that the hat is able to absorb any kind of magic and apparently that is why Anna’s parents sought out Rumple cause they wanted to free Elsa from her magic. Rumple wanted to use the Hat to free him from the bound to the dagger. With the help of the Apprentice in mouse form Anna obtained the dagger and ordered Rumple to send her back to Arendelle, where she reunited with her dear Kristoff. Their reunion was so sweet and properly executed.

Back in present day Storybrooke, we witnessed the first Captain Swan date. I expected more, cause it was pretty much hyped in the promos but it was even sweeter to see what followed after the date ended.
After Emma asked Hook out on a date, he wanted it to be more perfect so he blackmailed Rumple into giving him back his hand. He once more used the information about The Dark ones dagger to get what he wants. Consequences were written all over this action. Rumple provided Hook his hand, but put a seed of doubt into Killian’s head that his old hand will bring out the old devilish Hook.

The overall date was very well executed, even though Hook looked more stunning than Emma. The girly girl outfits doesn’t fit her, but I appreciate the effort. I liked how committed Emma was for it work and Snow and David be excited, in completely different ways, was adorable to watch. With exception of a small interruption by Will the date went perfectly fin and ended in a beautiful and amazing kiss. And while Emma was smitten by the kiss, Hook’s self-doubt got the worst out of him.

He even assaulted Will for crashing his date. This forced Hook to once more make a deal with the devil aka Rumplestilskin. He wanted his hand back but Rumple wouldn’t give it back that easily. Hook and Rumple sought out The Apprentice’s Storybrooke-alter ego and Rumple


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