AHS Freak Show Review: Cure my Boredom


“Massacres and Matinees” was a great follow up to last weeks premier of AHS Freak Show. Tension at the Freak Show camp rose with 2 new arrivals, the cop case getting more messy and Twisty found someone to be his little nerdy clown helper. Let the show begin!

Twisty continued his killing spree as, but growing quite more violent this time around. He cut someones head of. I really hope we’ll get some back story on him, his appearance and actions really deserve it. Twisty was recruited by Gloria (Francis Conway) to entertain her son Dandy (Finn Wittrock). Dandy is an especially creep guy, he like probably many psychos out there has desires but he doesn’t hide them he speaks out and it gives a certain edge to the character. He is certainly crazy, but the fact that we doesn’t know what really torments him makes him that much more interesting. Where does his desire to be a freak comes from?

His encounter with Twisty was more than awkward, truth to be told every scene with Twisty is awkward. After spending some time with Dandy he knocked him out and went to check up on his prisoners, Bonnie Lipton(Skylar Samuels) and the kid from last week. Bonnie succeeded in overpowering Twisty and was about to escape. But she encountered Dandy who decided he wants to have some fun with Twisty and his prisoners.

Back at the Freak Show camp Dell Toledo and Desire Dupree joined the group. Dell Toledo, played by the brilliant Michael Chiklis, is a men with “super strength” and according the happiest man on world, cause his wife Desire Dupree is a hemaphrodite with 3 boobs, a vagina and penis. And while besides a couple of punchlines Desiree was boring me to death, Dell had his wicked charm to win me over. After a curfew was put on, cause of Twisty’s murder spree, the Freak Show was about to get ruined. But after hearing Dot sing, Dell proposed a Matinee to be held every day. Elsa was completely against it cause people wouldn’t come to watch Freaks in the middle of the day, but Dell didn’t give a penny about Elsa’s opinion and held the matinee against Elsa’s wishes. It was quite the success.

ICYMI Elsa went on a jealous witch hunt, setting Bet up against her sister. Elsa was jealous she couldn’t bare anyone to be better and more popular than her. Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange have this great on screen chemistry and are perfect leading ladies.

Back to Dell. One other thing about Dell is that he is Jimmy’s father and Ethel’s ex. Ethel went up front and told Dell he shouldn’t come even close to Jimmy but their ways interceppted a couple of times last night. Jimmy’s guilt about killing the cop last week was taking him down. He felt awful and all because the people in the town were seeing the crew as freaks. He tried to set things straight by bringing a couple of them to dinner in the city but things went quite bad when Dell appeared and punched some sense into Jimmy. This lead Jimmy towards a devious plan to get rid off Dell.

Jimmy set the dead’s cop badge into Dell’s trailer but was once again outsmarted cause Dell saw him and set up an other freak for the crime, Meep the one who bites of chicken heads. Meep returned dead to the camp. Evan Peters gets a lot of space to proof him here. He quite well acts these naive boys and gives them a lot of soul. Looking forward to see Jimmy and Dell’s relationship evolve.

American Horror story set the tone quite up high and for now delivers with each episode. But next week Emma Roberts and Denis O’Hare are joining the crew and last season proved that the story and character development can get lost with so many characters. Let’s see how this season will deal with that issue.


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