The Originals Review: Revelations and Secrets


So “Alive and Kicking” was a really entertaining hour of Television. The 2nd episode of season 2 was all about confrontations, revelations and more secrets. The hour remembered me how towards the end of season it seemed we were heading into a war between The Originals brothers and I was all up for it. Last night after Elijah made some sort of choice it became obvious that Season 2 will be filled with DRAAAAMAAAAA!

Elijah seemingly made a choice to stand beside Marcel and his rising army of Vampires. But before that a lot happened. In an awkward turn of event it was revealed that Elijah and Marcel shared quite the beautiful connection back in the day. Elijah thought of him as part of the family and thought him to read and play the piano. But there was someone to meddle into the whole story and surprisingly it was Kol. Nathaniel Buzolic came back to play some great flashback scenes. Kol was perverted as ever threatening the young Marcel to turn him and molested a bunch of people in front of him. Eventually Elijah and Klaus daggered the out of control Kol and Elijah pushed Marcel away so he could keep being Klaus bound to humanity.

Back in present time Elijah was looking for the indestructible white oak stake for 2 reasons. First to stop Klaus and Hayley going on a witch killing spree and the second more important reason to stay alive. So he teamed up with Marcel to trick Davina into locating the dagger. It was odd to see Marcel to slow down while Elijah was pushing stuff forward. After a confrontation with Davina, Elijah realized that Davina wasn’t afraid for Marcel’s life and that she must posses the stake.

Davina meanwhile was on a date with a fellow witch, Kaleb. Daniel Sherman played and equisit Kaleb. But the twist about Kaleb was he was possessed by Kol, the other Original brother whom Esther took along when she came back. Kol was on mission to find out what Davina was hiding on that attic. So they set up some wolves to attack Davina and Kaleb. The confrontation played out really nice as Davina had to summon Mikael to help her and Marcel and Elijah busted the meeting as well.

All hell set loose and Mikael was about to kill Elijah but Marcel and Davina saved him just by a second or two. This pushed Elijah even more into Marcel’s arms and made him join their army. The twist here is that Kaleb wouldn’t share the information about Mikael with Esther and Finn. Kol always has an agenda on his own. It’ll be nice to see how this will play out.

Meanwhile Esther in Cassie’s body, the last Harvest girl, had a face to face with her bastard son Klaus. Klaus was pissed as cause Cassie was serving the Wolves with Moonlight rings making them more dangerous than ever. Klaus couldn’t let that happen but even though Esther played it safe and didn’t reveal herself to her son, he figured it out Esther possessed Cassie’s body. After the revelation that their parents are alive and kicking Klaus and Elijah just couldn’t agree who to kill first.

Hayley was soul-searching! She found herself again after Klaus killed some sense into her. Yes she is a Hybrid but that makes her more not less of a wolf. She is a born leader, a Queen and she has to stand up for her position in the supernatural society. If she wants to reunite with her daughter she needs the wolves to trust them. Eventually she got through to some wolves and brought them back home.

Yes all hell broke loose and we are just at episode 2. Next week Esther will go into the offensive and Klaus and Elijah are searching for some help, witchy help, this sound so wrong and I can’t wait for it to happen.



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