The Flash Review: Fathers and a Son


Season 1 Episode 2 and The Flash kept me watching! Many time before I said that the 2nd episode of a new show is a deal breaker, either it keeps you watching or you will never watch the show again. “Fastest Man Alive” made all my worries go away, as The Flash once more delivered on a high level.

My biggest worry after watching the Pilot was the fact that Joe West found out Barry’s secret. With Caitlin, Cisco and dr Wells knowing it already Joe was 1 too much to handle. I thought!! But last night they proofed me so wrong. Joe was crucial to Barry’s development and his huge step towards becoming a Hero the whole criminal world would fear.

The story started with Barry trying to hero it out all over the city, . He didn’t even share the news with Caitlin and Wells. His only confident was Cisco and how adorable was that guy. He really bring some nice chemistry to the show, giving the vigilante’s nicknames, making useless jokes and being highly inappropriate just works for him..

Back to the story, Simon Stagg was on the hit list of another meta-human, Danton Black. He had the ability to make multiple clones of himself. First he staged a fake robbery and then went into a full frontal attack on Simon. Why? Simon stole his research and published it as his own kicking him of the case. But Danton didn’t give a F about getting fired he was trying to safe his wife with his cloning research but didn’t succeed in time.

So where was the problem? Joe was worrying too much about Barry’s safe being and how he is negligent about his own life. Barry as a young unexperienced man didn’t saw it this way. He thought Joe was just bossing him around just like 14 years ago when he wouldn’t let him see his real dad at prison but instead Joe was just following Henry’s orders to give Barry a normal life. After Iris kicked his ass a couple of times for not being honest and helping her Barry nailed his suit to the nail.

Dr Wells was the one to step up here, he talked to Joe and made him realize that there isn’t anyone who could stand up to the Meta-humans. Eventually Joe realized his mistake and was completely supporting Barry. The show really well exploited the relationship between Joe and Barry and gave both characters some depth so early to the characters.

Barry eventually succeeded to defeat Donald aka Multiplex. But in a last attempt to defeat Barry, Donald jumped on him Barry dodged so Donald fall through the window into death.

Iris was twirling throughout the episode, making some funny jokes and confronting Barry about the secret he was hiding. She was fun but again didn’t deliver as the leading lady. She still continued her relationship with Eddie, behind her fathers back. Sadly Eddie didn’t interesting moments, besides some sarcasm he flat-lined the whole night.

Once again the biggest surprise of the evening was delivered by Dr Harrison Wells. He killed Simon Stagg as he intended to exploit Barry’s abbilities. Harrison made a remark about Barry being known as The Flash in the future, so spiriling many time traveling theories.

A really good episode ended with a nice cliffhanger making me ask who the hell is dr Wells. Next week features the appearance of a toxic meta-human and the return of Ronnie Raymond(Robbie Amell), Caitlin’s lost ex fiancee. If you don’t like the show Robbie’s dimples (and maybe abs if he shows them) are reason enough to tune in next week.



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