Gotham Review: What Ever It Takes


Could it be happening? Is Gotham finding its real rythym ? “Arkham” had some really good moments and the story finally progressed in a way that wasn’t boring me to turn of the stream(yes I’m streaming its way easier).

Arkham was the last undeveloped part of Gotham city, and is a nice twists it was revealed that the Wayne’s were working on it to make it a place for the less fortune to life. With Maroni and Falcon seemed to have been working on getting that property. Seems like a legit motive to kill the Wayne’s or should we just think that.

But before we enete they mysteries of Arkham let’s talk a bit about last weeks cliffhanger. Oswald Cobblepot appeared on Gordon’s door step. And how greatly pissed was Jim, I thought he would beat the crap out of the little Penguin. But Oswald somehow started to make sense, he wanted to work with Jim and provided him with some information as a thank you for not killing him in 2 occasions now.

And while Oswald was snooping as a dish washer in one of Maroni’s objects, Jim and Harvey were trailing a killer around Gotham. He was killing Councilman’s who were involved in the voting for the Arkham projects. Falcon and Maroni were marking territories and wanted that Arkahm project at any price. During the investigation Harvey’s was once more really annoying.

I’m usually a fan of Donal Logue, but Harvey Bullock is so annoying. I don’t know in which direction they want to take his character but this current snoobish assho*le isn’t really working for anyone. His character has zero depth and is just missing punching lines. Eventually Jim and Harvey found some leads that lead them to the killer, but avoided an confrontation as they found some evidence to get that guy-

Fish Mooney was playing a dirty little game, while auditioning female vocalists for her club. She was searching on that would do whatever it takes to aka seduce and kill Falcon.  But her search was interrupted by Harvey asking for help to find the Buttonkiller. I must say Jada is getting into that role and eventually making the girls fight till death to determine the winner was a great move. Loved it!

But Jim proved he didn’t need Harvey or Fish’s help and realized the killer was after the Mayor, played by the brilliant Spin city alum Richard Kind.During the best action scene to date Jim and Gladwell, the killer, pulled up some major beating but Harvey came and saved the day by shooting the guy. Again no lead to either mafia boss.

And while things at work weren’t going well, things at home were even worse for Jim. Barbara finally brought up that information Montoya gave her in last weeks episode. Barbara finally revealed her sexlationship with Montoya to Jim, he wasn’t happy not happy at all.This on the other hand lead to a huge but not really acting wise convincing performance by Benjamin McKenzie. He never knew how to play that jealous boyfriend. His voice just doesn’t sound’s well.

At the end Barbara gave Jim an ultimatum, either he tells her the truth or she leaves him. Jim couldn’t put her in any kind of danger and let her go breaking hers and his heart along the way.

Oswald meanwhile was climbing the mafia letter quite fast. He set up a fake robbery to Maroni’s place, killed the manager, took his job and poisoned the thieves so no one could take him down. Nice move.

This episode of Gotham really brought up my hope. Fish, Oswald, Maroni and Jim were on top of their games and let the story really get to me. Let’s hope this trend continues next week and with the episode titled Viper this could be a hell of a ride.


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