Once Upon A Time Review: Set Up


Dairy Queen, The Snow Queen knowing Emma and Hook using a cell phone are just a couple of highlights featured in the 3rd Season 4 episode of OUAT. It was quite the eventful episode and I must say Once is trailing to make this the best season yet.

Let’s start from the present time events in Storybrooke. After Elizabeth Mitchel’s character cast a freezing spell on Marian, the city was about to start a witch hunt on Elsa. Emma wouldn’t let that happened so she sent Hook to protect Elsa while she and David investigated the case. On their hunt they encountered the Knave of Hearts, Will Scarlet (Michael Socha) stealing things around Robin Hood’s camp. It was delightful to see Will Scarlet again. He nicely played of against Emma. At the end Will was quite helpful and lead Emma and David to the Snow Queen’s Ice shop. After finding out that the Snow Queen was behind this the Charming Sheriff’s into the forest to find the Snow Queen.

Meanwhile Elsa and Hook asked Gold for help. After some blackmail on Hook’s part (he exactly knew Gold gave Belle the fake dagger), Gold agreed them to help. Luckily they stole some of Marian’s hair and Gold cast a spell to find the source that cast the spell.  Before the spell lead them to the Snow Queen Elsa though Hook a couple of facts about Emma. Elsa and Emma really connected so it was nice to see her being so insightful and gave Hook the facts, cause she saw he liked Emma. But quickly they found the Snow Queen and then the most hilarious OUAT scene ever happened. Hook had a cell and tried to call Emma.

Elsa: What is that thing?

Hook: I don’t know, it’s a device for talking. I bloody don’t know, I press the Emma button and she answers sometime.

Eventually the Snow Queen confronted the Elsa and Hook and revealed a bunch of stuff. According to her the rock trolls took Elsa’s memories and Anna put Elsa into the Urn. As Snow Queen threatened Hook’s life. Thankfully Emma and David appeared right on time and Emma finally stepped up. She used her white magic to attack the Snow Queen and rescue Hook. It was quite nice to see Emma do magic to protect the ones she loves. Along the way Emma delivered one more great quote calling The Snow Queen Dairy Queen. I laughed my ass off. Great writing. I’m so glad OUAT rose it’s level from the premier just right.

Later in the most shocking moment of this episode Rumple offered The Snow Queen his help. Rumple knew that she knew Emma. I assume Rumple would’ve sent her to Emma so she would be safe to break the curse in time.

The episode featured one more great Captain Swan moment. After Hook used the insight Elsa gave him, Emma fessed up. Everyone she loved died (Neal, Gram, Walsh) and she couldn’t stand to lose Hook. And than the best Captain Swan kiss happened, and I must say this seems to be for forever.

Regina and Henry meanwhile agreed to find out who wrote the story book. The way they bonded was just plain simple and sincere. Something that was only their thing, they hadn’t to share. I often ask myself where does this “great love” they share come from as for most of season 1 Henry hated Regina. But they worked really great together tonight. Regina was called up to help with Marian’s condition. But she hadn’t the power to help her, the only thing she could’ve done is collect her heart before the course damages it.

Of course Robin tried the True Loves kiss but it wouldn’t work cause he started to love Regina. It was heartbreaking to see them look at each other and but weren’t able to enjoy there love. But until Marian releases Robin from his obligations the 2 of them won’t be together.

In the Flashbacks, Elsa was rocking a new hair style. Georgina is a beautiful girl and she impersonates Elsa so well.  The episode featured the introduction of OUAT’s version of Hans, played by Tyler Moore. Tyler gathered his brothers and an army to attack Arendelle, but he had a trump card up his sleeves. He knew about the urn and wanted to capture Elsa in it. Thanks to Kristoff, he and Elsa found the Urn first. But after some inscription appeared when Elsa touched the Urn she didn’t bear to destroy it. Hans took advantage of it and took the Urn from Elsa. But Hans made the biggest mistake by opening the Urn and releasing The Snow Queen. She than froze Hans and chased away his brothers.  Later Snow Queen told Elsa she is her aunt and that she would help her find Anna.

This great episode ended with so many story cliffhangers that I’ll die till the next episode happens cause I need answers. So how SQ knows Emma? Where have they met? Who and why captured Elsa into the Urn? And where the heck is Elsa?


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