Reign Review: Return of the King


“Drawn and Quartered” was an other powerful episode! Sadly the ratings doesn’t follow the story cause sadly Reign isn’t doing that well in that department. The return of Francis to the French court brought up many issues and it was a really intense episode featuring plenty game changers.

This weeks main focus belonged to the consequences of Mary’s actions. The death of Edward Narcisse brought up some major turmoil, as his father Stephane Narcisse came to court to claim his brother. Craig Parker’s performance was of on top perfect. He was stubborn, over-confident, with a terrible personality and the need to proof his power. He is a perfect addition to the cast and I don’t think he’ll be quietly watching Francis and Mary rule over France.

Narcisse quickly found out that Mary intentionally put his son with the sick and so with him not being able to kill Mary or make an attempt on her life, he choose Nostradamus as the one to be sacrificed. Mary of course couldn’t allow that so she started to look into a way to stop the execution. During the investigation it came to light that Narcisse and Valent were stealing from the Catholic church and they killed a Cardinal to cover up their mistakes. Valent wasn’t that supportive anymore so Narcisse put up his son to kill Valent. With this information Mary and Francis decided to play against Narcisse. Mary during the execution made a huge entrance telling Narcisse she sent letter to the Vatican where Valent confessed their crimes. Than Francis appeared making Narcisse believe that he intercepted the letters and saved Narcisse’s reputation. But Francis had to pay up and give Narcisse some land so they could call it even. So Francis had to betray Leith and give Narcisse the land he promised to Leith.

Speaking of Leith, he had a rough time even before Francis took the land from him. He first spoke to Castleroy who accused him of killing his daughter and than once more Greer broke his heart by telling she is sorry for portraying him as a gold-digger but won’t leave Castleroy . After Castleroy found out that Greer visited Leith, he decided to leave for some time and give him and Greer some space. At the end Francis called Leith back to the court to serve him.

Back at the court was Lola as well! And he adorable little son. The presence of Francis bastard rose tensions between Mary and Francis and set up a tone for their future relationship. I’m really interested how this story will play out, cause little Francis is a weak spot and will probably be the target of many attacks. Besides the obvious awkwardness Mary told Francis to recognize the baby. She didn’t want to be Catherine, she wanted to learn from her mistakes. Also the most creepy Reign scene ever happened when the nurse channelled Francis father and talked to him. It was nice to see this be a repercussion cause Francis killed his dad and it was about time for him to feel bad.

ICYMI Before Nostradamus was sent to execution he sort of confessed to Catherine that Clarissa may still be alive and that Mary could still be Francis undoing!

Reign certainly raised it’s game and now that the love triangle drama is over for good the show can focus on other more intriguing stories. I hope people will give Reign an other chance cause the show is doing great.


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