Quick Recap: Scandal 4×03


– Somehow Scandal lost it’s charm for me. It’s still the same show with a bunch of messy characters playing each other.

-The Star of the show once again, Mellie Grant. She started to overcompensate and dig herself into a murder case. A bride was accused to have pushed her husband over a cliff. She started a whole investigation and included Abby in it. This lead to an embarrassing moment as Mellie called up a meeting not knowing the case was already resolved. That lead up to an awkward moment between Abby and Fitz as he finally learned her name and investigated her about Olivia.

-Meanwhile Fitz’s Gun proposal finally went through. But David had to dig into his black box to make it happen. He blackmailed a judge in charge of the letting the proposal happen, that resulted in the judge killing himself afterwards. Or that is at least what they wanted to make it seem like.

-Elizabeth (Portia de Rossi) was still letting her fingers tip all over the place, trying to stop the gun proposal and tap Cyrus hooking up with a male prostitute, Michael (Matthew De Negro). The cat and mouse game between Cyrus and Michael was fairly entertaining but still Cyrus gave in.

-Jake on the other had was still investigating the murder of Jerry Grant Jr. He finally got to Charlie. He tried to torture him but we all knew it wouldn’t have any effect. So Charlie gave Jake a proposal if he can spent a night with Quinn he would fess up about whatever Jake wanted. Charlie and Quinn didn’t have sex, but still shared their awkwardness. Quinn was really hurt when neither Liv or Huck were looking for her while she went MIA.

-Jake eventually gathered the information/evidence and joined Olivia on a dinner with her father. A major blow out happened with both sides threatening each other.

-Olivia dealt with a new case. It involved her college friend and her missing daughter, Caitlin. Quinn and Huck quickly found the daughter but the game changer came as the daughter was found death and Huck found a sex tape involving Catherine and the Caitlin’s boyfriend. Eventually Caitlin got arrested and with new evidence that Huck presented to Olivia Catherine seemed innocent.


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