The Vampire Diaries Review: Disposable


So this was interesting! Once again Vampire Diaries closed a door before it was really opened, was it good decision to take away Elena’s memories is debatable but I must say it had a charm to see where Delena officially began. “Yellow Ledbetter” besides the whole Elena wants to forget Damon drama featured Enzo and Caroline visite Stefan and we finally saw what happened to Damon and Bonnie.

So let’s start with Damon and Bonnie, first we travel 4 months back in time to the day the other side collapsed. Remember how Bamon was swallowed in some white light, yeah nothing happened! They just stood there awkwardly holding hands. It was somehow funny but quite enjoyable. Damon and Bonnie went through Mystic Falls just to realize that they are alone stuck to relief the same day over and over again. It was May 10th 1994. Every day was the same and everything that existed on May 10th 1994 was in place. Bonnie even found her Grams Grimoire.

We slowly jumped ahead reaching present time, there was a lot of banter between Damon and Bonnie but overall it was quiet enjoyable. At the end they realized that they weren’t alone as someone completed Bonnie’s crossword puzzle. I’m really interested into this mystery and how they’ll find their way back home.

The major plot of the episode revolved around Alaric trying to compel Damon out of Elena. Alaric was searching for the moment when Elena fall in love with Damon. They rewind so many memories that it was really hurtful not only for Elena but for me as well. Elena really went through so much that is no wonder that losing Damon was the drop that pushed her over the edge. Ultimately Elena and Alaric gave up cause they couldn’t find the moment, but then Caroline gave Alaric an important hint. Elena fall in love with Damon while she was with Stefan.

After Alaric confronted Elena with this fact we got to the moment when Elena fall for Damon. It was on her 18th birthday, when he gave her the Original witch necklace. Elena described that moment so beautifully, how he gave her hope when there was no hope to give. And than Alaric took it all away from her and replaced the memory with the memory of Damon killing Jeremy in the season 2 premier. Afterwards Elena was a changed person and called up Caroline to go party with Tyler and her.

Speaking of Caroline! Caroline road tripped to Stefan this week. Enzo promised Caroline to take her to a witch coven who should help them to bring back Bamon. Instead Enzo used some witch to locate Stefan and bring all that mess into Stefan’s life. Enzo and Caroline busted a dinner date between Ivy and Stefan. After all the awkwardness and reveal that Stefan stopped investigating for 2 whole months, Enzo stabbed Stefan and reveal his vampire secret in front of Ivy. Caroline took Ivy away, while Enzo and Stefan fought it out till Stefan broke Enzo’s neck. Nice one!

I love Enzo but he is a pushy dick and he so deserved that neck getting broken. Later Caroline and Stefan had a blow out leaving Caroline crying in the car. It was so hard for her, Stefan was her best friend and he just shout her out. It was a terrible move, but that was the only way Stefan could handle loosing his brother. And we all should respect it. After seeing Caroline cry Enzo went all nuts and killed Ivy and broke Stefan’s neck, sending Stefan a direct invite to come back to Mystic Falls

The probably most surprising moment of last nights episode was the revelation that Tripp (Colin Ferguson) is really Thomas Vincent Fell, member of the founding families. Who just burned a bunch of Vampires by driving them into Mystic Falls. Nice one. Besides that we got insight into Matt and Jeremy’s awful relationship. Things between them got even worse as Jeremy was hooking up with Sarah, the girl Elena bit last week. She stole her bosses car and run of to Mystic Fall’s seemingly she has family in there.

Next week will be a reset cause will face a Salvatore free Elena, a revenge bound Stefan and heart broken Caroline. Somehow the season really feels fresh, new without the messy mythology but still it seems to jump through stories again. Why couldn’t Elena just mourn sometime? Why rush over grief? I no it’s not funny to watch but the show has a pattern to jump through pain just to keep it interesting.


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