Quick Recap: Grey’s Anatomy 11×03


– The 3rd episode of Grey’s 11th season was all about confrontation! “Got To Be Real” had some major blow outs and each was done very well.

-First lets start with Owen, Callie and Arizona. Owen forced Callie to work with a war Vet who lost his leg during the war. The first examination showed the new prosthetic leg wouldn’t work on the Vet, Owen couldn’t stand to fail and started to scream on Callie. Our Latina didn’t hold her breath and fired right against Owen. They eventually made up after a really warm heart to heart, warm as it can be between a war damaged hero and a women who professionally breaks legs.

– This wasn’t the only issue Callie had on her mind! After she picked up the project to do good for more Veterans, she confessed to Arizona how time-consuming it will be. Arizona right away wanted to back out of the surrogate and that pissed Callie off. Arizona was under pressure, cause the fellowship under Geena Davis was hard on her and she had barely time to function. It left the girls on unstable territory. 

-The main plot was still revolving around Mer finding out the truth about Maggie. She got drunk with Alex and after a bit of snooping they found out the truth. Mer later spoke to Richard who confirmed everything for her. She was quite pissed but calmed down after Richard explained everything.

-Richard previously had a good day as Maggie was looking up to him and their bonded on a personal level. Later when he wanted to confess to her rejected him labeling him as an coward for not stepping out right away.

– Meanwhile all hell broke lose at the Shepard’s. Derek wanted his position back and stepped into Amelia’s game making her furious for feeling under appreciated. Their fights are always so aggressive and furious just right.

-Last but not least the decision over the last board seat was made. Bailey got it, destroying Alex spirit along the way. It was cute to see Alex twirl around and Jo dying from jealousy cause Mer stole her Alex. 


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