How To Get Away With Mureder Review: Fair Trial


And once more How to get away with murder delivered. Last night’s episode, “Smile, or go to jail” was an exceptional hour that was entertaining funny and dig much deeper into this seasons mystery.

I like how the episode titles are always connected to the Flash-forwards. “Smile, or go to jail” refered to the planed cover up our 4 protagonists made. They went to the bonfire party and took as much as possible photos to have an alibi for the murder. The episode ended with a small cliffhanger as Michaela lost her engagment ring during the body burning.

Meanwhile in present time, the team around Annalise took a case involving a women pleasuring a man in a park. Later it was revealed that the women, Paula Murphy, is Elena Aguilar a women who was accused for killing a man during a bomb attack. Annalise took the bombing case as well. Annalise was great as always and did her best during the trail. She even succeeded in portraying Elena as being brainwashed. Eventually that bite her in the ass and Elena flew away with her brain washer.

I fairly enjoyed the parallels drawn between Annalise and Elena. Elena who was a free spirit and now locked in a unloving marriage bored to death filled with secrets. This overlapped with Annalise decision to represent Rebecca. After Wes got arrested for faking an ID and speaking to Rebecca. I love Wes’s determination, to do whatever it takes when he wants to find out something or help someone. His speech about Rebecca being a pawn who was set up and that no one would ever help was inspiring and I wasn’t surprised when Annalise took her case. Besides that I’m not that sure Rebecca is so innocent. After last weeks It’s all her fault scene, she seems to be a mastermind and mean as they come. But I was surprised that she confessed the murder.

ICYMI The phone Rebecca put in Wes bathroom belonged to Lila.

ICYMI 2 Nate set Annalise up. He got clear evidence that Sam wasn’t at Yale like he stated on the day Lila was murdered, but told Annalise he had an alibi. Nothing is worse than a sexually scorned man.

Don’t be fooled that this episode was all about Wes and Annalise, the other main characters got some solid focus. Matt McGorry’s  Ahser was annoying as hell. I mean you have to hate that snob arrogant guy. But I love to hate him. Someone has to be the Meat Loaf we all hate. Michaela had some major issues when it was revealed that her fiancee hooked up with Connor back in boarding school. She of course flipped but eventually made piece with Aiden. There were some hilarious lines delivered by Connor, I like that guy so much. Laurel meanwhile lip locked with Jonag, a guy workingi n Legal Aid. Frank saw that and was clearly disappointed. Bonnie was playing the bad bad wolf all over the place. Being mean and awful toward the students was all she was doing the whole day. Besides that she seems always a bit shady when Sam Keating is around.

Yesterday the show got a full season pick up and I can’t be happier. This show raises it’s stakes with every episode and I want more and more answers.



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