Arrow Review: One Last Cry


Season 3 is officially a GO!!! Last night season 3 started and the premier episode, titled “The Calm”,  was funny, exciting and heartbreaking of course. As Arrow Season 3 spoilers were raising and talking about Oliver being happy, everybody assumed that the happiness wouldn’t last. But no one ever thought that SARA LANCE would DIE in the premier. Unbelievable!

The major focus of last nights episode was Olicity or better said Oliver’s quest to find out if he can be Oliver, a guy in love with Felicity Smoak, and The Arrow at the same time. With Oliver at a good place he finally dared to go after Felicity. He invited her on a date, of course it was weird and uncomfortable but it was honest and so sweet. The eventual date didn’t last long, but their interaction and intensity just nailed it. The date ended after the new Count Vertigo blew up the restaurant. Arrow STYLE! The count tracked the Arrow and was lead to the restaurant. It was a really smart move but Oliver countered right away.

In a face to face with the Count, Oliver got induced with the new improved Vertigo letting Oliver face his biggest fear. To all our surprise it was himself. The fighting sequence between The Arrow and hallucination Oliver was excellent. And if Lance didn’t appear Oliver would’ve been killed by his own hallucination.

In a later attempt Oliver defeated the Count with Sara’s help. Afterwards Sara met up with Laurel and they shared a beautiful moment. Just so Sara would be killed in the next scene. 3 arrows into her body and she fell of a building right into her sisters arms. I’m still not sure how I feel about this but my heart broke as Laurel cried over her sisters body. With the aftermath of Sara’s dead we’ll deal next weeks episode titled “Sara”.

The new Count wasn’t Oliver’s only problem, the future of Queen Consolidated was on the line as well. And Oliver lost it. Yes he lost it to the extremely handsome Ray Palmer, played by Brandon Routh. Ray was a great addition to the cast, his interaction with Felicity was great. I mean first Felicity helped him hack into Oliver’s database and she hacked into all of his internet connections making him beg her to fix the hacks she did. Really sweet moments, let’s see where their relationship would go.

Roy was a full-fledged Team Arrow member was Oliver’s bitch doing everything his mentor told him. But he got a sweet red suit that makes him look sexy as hell. Diggle on the hand was a torn in Oliver’s eye. Oliver couldn’t risk his life anymore and a big fight happened resulting in Diggle sitting out the mission. At the end that was a good thing as Lyla went into delivery and had their child.

At the hospital Diggle and Oliver reconnected and Oliver and Felicity had a small blow out. She asked him to end it. If he really thinks there was no chance that they would get together he should tell her, so the misery would end. Oliver couldn’t do it so he kissed her. Letting us all hanging in the air.

Laurel was in a good place until she met up with Sara. Her work with Oliver really brought her back on track. The only issue, her dad forcing himself to much and landing into the hospital. I’m really interested where Sara’s death will push the Lance family this time.

Via Flashbacks we traveled back to Hong Kong 5 years ago. Oliver was constantly running away from Amanda and her people. But ultimately he stopped when one of Amanda’s man, Maseo, told him she blackmailed him with his child’s life that he has to keep Oliver in order.

MIA This week we got no information about Thea and Malcolm’s whereabouts.

ICYMI Barry had a quick cameo. He called up Oliver to meet up, this would follow-up to the rooftop scene from The Flash Pilot.

Arrow started with a major game changer and set up great story lines for the upcoming season. What impact will Sara’s death have on Oliver, Laurel, Lance? No freaking clue, but I’m eager to find out.  




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