AHS Freak Show Review: Monsters Among Us


Jupiter, Florina year 1952 and the Freak Show began. Last night the newest American Horror Story chapter opened it’s doors for us. I was so excited with the show going back to it’s darker days and “Monsters Among Us” was so mysteriously dark and twisted that I think that the horror has returned to FX.

The 90 minutes opener introduced us to Elsa Mars(Jessica Lange), a Freak Show owner, who is eager to become famous with her show. After a lot of traveling, she decided to settle in Jupiter, Florida. There she found the newest addition to her show.

The Siamese Twins Bet and Dot! Bet and Dot shared a body but had separate heads, a heart for each of them and a 3 kidneys. Sarah Paulson delivered more than I ever expected, the distinguish between the sisters worked ou perfectly. Back to the sisters stories, they were found wounded with their dead mother. After the doctors took care of them, Elsa came and arranged that they would be released into her custody. Dot was completely against it, but hadn’t a choice after Elsa let them know she knew Bet killed their mother. And while Bet was fascinated by the world Elsa introduced to them, Dot was completely repelled.

Of course Jessica Lange delivered one of TV’s best performances you can see these days. Elsa speech to the girl who intended to leave was pure, sincere and compelling. The people around her weren’t depraved monsters they were strong human being who give people in need a laugh or freight

Other returning main characters include Katie Bates,Evan Peters and Frances Conroy. Katie plays Elsa’s right hand woman, Ethel. She is a bearded woman and according to Dot the meanest thing walking around the Freak Show. Evan is playing Ethel’s son whose fingers were stuck together. Besides being a womanizer, who is prostituting his fingers to unsatisfied women, he was the core of the freaks. He had a strong bond with all his friends and even killed the cop who came to arrest Dot and Beth. He started even a slaughter against the cop, making everyone chopping him apart.

Frances has a more subtle role-playing a rich woman, whose son is infatuated with freaks. He even wanted to buy the twins but was denied as the girls found reason to stay with Elsa.

Before I forgot the villain of the season appeared as well, Twisty the clown! He is a terrifying murder who takes pleasure in tormenting people and killing them. During just this episode he killed a couple that wanted to engage in coitus, kidnapped a kid and women but previously killed their families and watched the Freak Show crew tear the cop apart. Loving him.

The biggest reveal of the night happened right after Elsa confessed to Ethel that she brought in the Twins so people would come and see her perform. It was a really touching see and a nice contrast to the strong Elsa who fought for her people. Elsa lost both of her legs, from her knee down. She was wearing prosthetics. A beautiful move by the writers and I can’t wait for Elsa’s evolution throughout the series.

AHS Freak Show opened big last night and if they keep the level of storytelling this could easily become the best season to date. But let’s see what they have in store for us. 


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