The Originals Review: I don’t feel Better


So finally The Originals returned and with them airing now on Monday nights my Tuesdays got even slower. But enough about me, let’s dig into season 2 premier of The Originals titled “Rebirth”.  The episode featured the demise of the best villain the show had, Francesca Guerra. But let’s first see what happened during the break.

We skipped a couple of months, just to see that Elijah, Klaus and Hayley barely left their home. And while the whole Quarter thought they were plotting a scheme, the trio was more or less hiding at their home. After the white Oak stake disappeared, Klaus and Elijah weren’t that happy and were making a plan how to regain the control of NoLa. But with their lethal weapon out there they couldn’t make foolish moves. On the other hand Francesca was panicking about Elijah and Klaus not making a move against her.

After finding the wolf with the last of 12 rings that made Klaus weak every full moon, The Mikaelson family was making their move.  So they turned toward their only 2 allies in the town, Marcel and Cami. While I’m mentioning these 2, I have to reveal that they were secretly hooking up. I loved how Cami was trying to cover it up and make it seem uncomplicated. But as 2 of Francesca’s wolves were still following her around, she went all gaga and asked Elijah and Klaus to help. Marcel was searching for humans to turn, but wasn’t really happy with the choice Josh made for him. I loved Josh being there and be supportive, I really hope he gets a bigger storyline this season. Later Joey, a record selling Vampire,  found refuge at Marcel’s  after he got attacked by some of the wolves.

Joey turned out to be the key ingredient to taking down the Guerra’s. After Cami gave a speech at the Mikaelson residence, Klaus went to Marcel and with his and Joey’s plan set up a plan to take down the wolves. Elijah, Marcel and Hayley were slowly getting one by one ring, with Elijah taking down the most of the Guerra and Hayley killing Francesca. After the battle Hayley had an emotional breakdown. She thought killing the wolves would help her overcome that immense pain she was feeling. But nothing can take away the pain of loosing her daughter and being a Hybrid. It was an exceptional performance by Phoebe Tolkin.

Later Elijah asked Klaus to comfort Hayley as he is the only person who could understand the pain Hayley was reliving every day. Klaus gave Hayley what she needed. A goal. The goal to rise up as the Wolf Queen she is. She was doubting any of the wolves would listen to her, but Klaus affirmed her that she is there Queen and they would submit.

Francesca’s death was quite underwhelming, she was such a big player that her dying in such a simple way was just to mehhh. I thought she would fight have a back up plan and not run away scared as hell.

Meanwhile Esther in Cassie’s body was waiting for her sons to take down the Guerra’s, so she could reign over the rest of the quarter. It was revealed that she brought both of her sons back with her. As suspected the Afro-American guy that appeared in the closing moments of last season’s final is Finn indeed, going currently under the name of Vincent Griffin. He infiltrated into Cami’s life pretending to be her advisor. P.S. Cami broke it of with Marcel as she couldn’t stay in this mess. The big revelation was that Kol was back as well. But in a much cuter way! He took over Kaleb’s body, a young witch who’s been flirting around with Davina and was played by Daniel Sherman.  Yep there were some intense sparks between those 2. But the bigger question is why does Esther need Cami and Davina, what role will they have in taking down Elijah and Klaus.

And don’t think we forgot that Mikael come back in final as well. But as much as he wanted to be proactive and kill the Bastard that calls himself his son, Davina wouldn’t let him. Not until she broke the bond between Marcel, Josh and Klaus.  She said she was progressing but doubt it will go into her favor, at least not for now.

And even though the fall of the Guerra family felt a bit anti-climatic it was a solid premier. The storyline for this season is more clear than ever, Kill Klaus. It will be interesting to see how things will develop and if Kol, Finn and Esther will return to their bodies and how will Mikael fit into this story.


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