The Flash Review: It choose U


It finally began!!!!! Even though I watched the pilot quite some time ago, the first episode of  The Flash, titled “City of Heroes” was a prime time experience and felt more like a movie than a TV show. If you read my Arrow Season 2 Wrap Up you know how much I loved Barry Allen’s appearance back in the day. And the first episode of The Flash was just perfect. Let’s break down what happened last night.

The show revolves around Barry Allen, a forensic investigator, working for Central City P.D. The events start about 9 months ago introducing us to Barry and the way he is living his life. After blur appearance killed his mother at the age of 11, Barry grew up at the West house with Detective Joe West and his daughter Iris West, Barry’s love interest. During an experiment at the Star Labs, where doctor Harrison Wells turned on a particle accelerator. Eventually the blew up resulting in a storm cloud  hitting the whole city and Barry got hit by a Thunder. Resulting into him falling in a coma for 9 months.

During these 9 months, dr. Wells, Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon were taking care of Barry. Upon waking up Barry realizes that he changed. He became the fastest man alive, the Flash. The transition wasn’t as smooth as I’m putting it to be. A lot of involuntary moves, tremors and crashing into a laundry wan were all parts of realizing his powers. After a testing were he proved to Cisco, Caitlin and Wells that he is as fast as he stated, he had flashed to the day his mother died and crashed into a dozen barrels resulting him breaking his arm.

And while he was adjusting to his supernatural abilities, Barry’s heart got broken. Iris was dating, Eddie Thawne, Joe’s partner. While she was confessing their back story to Barry, they got involved in a chase between the cops and Cylde Mardon, a thug who was assumed dead after he and his brother’s plane crash during the accelerator explosion. Just as Barry, Cylde become a meta-human with the ability to control the weather. After he told Joe about this, Joe blew out on him.

Barry later confronted Dr Wells with the information, and got smacked down by him as well. This made Barry run, run as fast as he could unintentionally reaching Starling City in just a couple of moments. He met up with Oliver Queen aka The Arrow. Oliver put all his fate in Barry giving him all the positive energy he needed accepting the destiny he was given. With the help of Cisco and Caitlin he suited up and stopped Cylde with his abilities, but revealed them to Joe in the process.That is maybe my only issue with the pilot, to many people knowing that Barry is the Flash.

An exceptionally great pilot ended with the revelation that Dr Wells didn’t got paralyzed and is fooling all our friends.  The show is filled with so much DC history that it was a pleasure to watch it and enjoy it on so many levels.

The chemistry between Barry and all other characters is done so well, the casting choices fit perfectly making it an pleasure to watch the show. The show overall isn’t anything like the show it grew from. Arrow is dark, with a protagonist who not always knows who he is and who he wants to be. The Flash is a lighter, with an overall great and positive momentum and a protagonist who is pure, maybe a bit naive but purely honest. Grant Gustin did an amazing job by portraying Barry Allen. His scenes with Iris, played by Candice Paton, were great. They were playing on this tine line between friends, lovers and siblings and they performed so well. Cisco is a ray of laughter. Every scene with him is so enlightening. And Caitlin, I love the Pannabaker girls and Danielle did an really good job in being so cold and broken. And she and Barry have those sweet moments, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up together. Rick Cosnett as Eddie was one more great thing, I love to hate that guy so much.

My only concern with this show is  CAN THEY KEEP THIS LEVEL!???? The effects, the writing, it really needs to keep go this way! Cause I want more. I’m so into this show that I can’t wait for the next episode to happen.


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