Scorpion Review: Proof Me Wrong


I know I’m a bit late with this review, but I watched the 3rd Scorpion yesterday but didn’t quite get it. After watching the episode one more time I see where I put all pieces together and I put a note to myself, be more focused while watching Scorpion. The episode was titled A Cyclone and was the perfect choice for another excellent outing.

After failing at a mission to proof themselves to the FBI, our Scorpion team was broken. At the mission Sylvester froze cause of some smack talk by other soldiers and Happy hit one cause he touched her a bit inappropriate. This put some weight on our team and every new move was 2nd guessed.

After a supposed terorist bombing attack, the team was excluded out of the investigation but that didn’t prevent the team from budging in either way. They put out their plan and explained it was intentionally done. They helped Agent Keeler find a suspicious guys but were thrown of the case once more. An other defeat didn’t made them feel anything better so they continued the mission on their own. They eventually found the suspect but he went into a coma after a bus hit him.

An other hit from Keeler happened, and Scorpion crawled back to their layer. But Gabe wouldn’t give up on them and Happy revealed that there are more bombings planed and the bombs went off. Eventually it was revealed that the other bombings were decoys to blow up one building imparticulary. The building had large servers which would keep confidential emails before deleting them. Upon arriving it was revealed that Keeler did all this, cause there were people who found out he was spying on the white house.

The next revelation followed close up as Happy found a bomb in the building. While Sylvester and Gabe went to reveal Keeler to the FBI, Paige and Toby evacuated the building while Happy and Walter tried to defuse the bomb but only succeeded in containing the impact. Keeler crashed into Gabe’s car and fought it out with Gabe only so Sylvester could safe the day. With no evidence of Keeler’s involvement, the human machine Sylvester stepped in cause he remembered all the information on the mission that failed back at the begging of the ep.And there were some shady stuff involving Keeler as well.

This week I didn’t liked Walter at all. He is really pushy and disobedient with a Hero complex that gets a lot in the way of the groups work. He constantly needs to proof something and I hope there will be a backstory to that. Paige tried to grew into the group and eventually succeeded as she has a lot of life experience that can help the group. Toby is Toby and quite hilarious. He has the best lines and uses his high IQ for shady stuff and I love it. Happy on the other hand is a case on her own. I mean first it’s a brilliant move to call someone who is so grumpy and easily irritated Grumpy. Her using a umbrella, mic and loudspeaker to spy on their suspect, was a genius move.

But still my favorite Scorpion is Sylvester. He so well layered and enjoyable to watch. He is so well done so precisely with his OCD, his scars and stuttering. A brilliant job.  I love when writing and acting is detailed, and Sylvester putting his jacket over his hand while opening a door is just on the point great.

Back to the episode title, a Cyclone is a pack of Scorpions and Team Scorpion is a great Cyclone. Every week there is a new surprise with Scorpion and I can’t wait for next weeks case and revelations.


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