Quick Recap: The Big Bang Theory 8×04


“The Hook-up Reveberation” was the best episode of season 8 and I enjoy it really really much.

Again we followed 2 storylines, the first about the gang wanting to invest into the comic book shop and the 2nd about Emily hating Penny. Certainly both stories were quite entertaining but the comic book story just made me laugh so hard.

It all began while the gang was sitting a new comic book shop, cause Stewart’s was closed. Sheldon had the silly idea to invest into Stewart’s shop and quickly won the crew over .

I laughed so hard when they were talking about luring kids into the shop, with a Van with candies and circling schools and parks. It was so odd that only Leanard realized the perverted facts about it.

Eventually Sheldon suggested that they should talk about their intend with their better halves and each conversation was hilarious. Penny opened up about her credit card bills and Amy made a complete fool of Sheldon and he didn’t even notice.

The best scene we had between Berny and Howard, who even invented a sad story about his dad taking him to the store before abandoning him. Bernadette saw right through but agreed to talk to Stewart about. Just to realize Howard’s mom already gave Stewart the money putting Howard into a crazy state.

Meanwhile Penny finally met Emily, Raj’s new girlfriend. Emily didn’t like Penny at all cause of her hook up with Raj a while ago.

This lead up to some hilarious scenes between Raj and the girls just to make it seem that the 2 girls were getting along but even with them making piece they hated each others guts.



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