Gotham Review: Fly away


High expectations are a new shows biggest obstacle. I really thought Gotham would become my fall guilty pleasure but somehow we don’t get along. “The Balloonman” was a good episode but somehow the show really isn’t what I was expecting it to be.

The episode continued where we left of last week, with Jim working together with Selina. I was expecting a big reveal something to hold on but Selina only confirmed that she was at the crime scene and we moved on. But Jim didn’t have enough time to worry as Montoya and Allen were haunting him down. Fish Mooney confessed to them that the word is going around that Jim killed Oswald on Falcon’s orders. This is the first time I enjoyed Jada’s performance.

Montoya later visited Barbara, by breaking in with the key she still had. She put on a seed of doubt into Barbara’s head.

Back to the titled character, The Balloonman was fly-killing people with balloon’s all around Gotham. His first victim a Pansy schemer and no one gave a F about it. Later as one of Gotham Lieutenant’s was the victim, all of Gotham was on alert. After Harvey and Jim got a lead, they tracked down a guy who stole weather balloons. After a funny arrest action, where Harvey got beaten up by a black chick, Harvey and Jim caught the guy who stole the balloons. And found out that the balloons will eventually blow up and the bodies will come down. Upon finding one of the bodies, Jim realized that he knew the Balloonman, he was a social worker who gave Selina to him, Davis Lamond.

Harvey was still bugging the shit out of me, not a fan at all. But had some solid moments last night. Eventually they found Davis and he delivered a really deep speech about how Jim should think about for who he is working for. In the follow up confrontation Harvey tied Davis up to one of the balloons, Jim wouldn’t let him die,he wanted justice, so he jumped on him and forced Harvey to shot the balloon and rescue the both of them.

Fish meanwhile played a game on her own, after Falcon beat up her boytoy Lazlo, she payed back by beating up his whore. An eye for an eye. And we shouldn’t forget our boy Oswald the Penguin to be. Under a false name he killed his way up to a restaurant job, just to witness his boss have a talk with Sal Moroni, played by Dexter alum David Zayas. Seems our boy has some sort of Sugar daddy to protect him in the feature. Oswald made an ultimate power move and showed up at Jim’s door right in time to let us experience a major cliffhanger.

This episode was on par with last week but still I miss something to leave me wanting more. But let’s see how Oswald’s return will mess with the upcoming episodes.



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