Once Upon A Time Review: Fight It Out


Once Upon A Time delivered last Sunday night, cause “White Out” was an extraordinary episode. It made me even like the worst OUAT main character, David. He finally stepped out of his sneaky shadow and proved why he was Prince Charming.

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, Anna arrived and looked for one of Kristoff’s friends, none other than David. The quirky Anna played off perfectly against the stuck up Sheppard David. And while Anna was pretending to be a girl named Joan and keep her mission a secret, we got introduced to Bo Peep. If you have no clue who Bo Peep is, here is Wikipedia link to the Character. In this OUAT version she was a warlord who blackmailed Ruth and her son David. She wanted their land and was about to get it when Anna stood up to David. She gave him a beautiful speech about how life isn’t worth if your just gonna survive it. This made me like Anna even more. But David wasn’t convinced into Anna’s words and was about to give up, but when Bo Peep kidnapped Anna, David knew he had to step up. He defeated Bo Peep and with her magical “wand”, that can  brand people, saved Anna. Ruth later gave Joan/Anna a paper with Rumple’s name, setting Anna on a voyage to find him.

Besides that we got some inside into David’s back story and how his father disappeared from his life. His father had a drinking problem, and after his latest attempt to stop drinking he failed and fall into a ravine, leaving David fatherless. This made a bit more obvious why David is so cling, he couldn’t bear losing someone again.

Back in Storybrooke, Elsa was determined to find Anna. Out of her rage and fear, she created an ice wall around the city creating a power outage in SB.  Quickly Emma, David and Hook found Elsa, but Elsa couldn’t handle the tension locked herself and Emma into an ice cave. The icy condition took a tool on Emma she almost died. While she was freezing to death, Emma observed Elsa and bonded with her about her inability to control magic. I really enjoyed their scenes together and how insightful Emma was.

David and Hook where on a mission to find Anna, not knowing it was Joan they were searching for. With the clue that Elsa found Anna’s necklace at Gold’s shop, David and Hook visited Gold and Belle and David finally realized that Anna was Joan.  So he made a smart move and looked for Po Beep’s SB counterparts, who was a butcher in town. They took her magical “wand” were and rushed back to Elsa and Emma.

After Elsa told them Emma was in a critical state, David gave Elsa the speech Anna gave him back in the day. Elsa finally stood up to herself and rescued Emma and herself from the ice cave.  After getting rescued Emma had some sweet moments with Hook, hugging and holding hands. They really have a great connection.

Two side stories were happening in present time Storybrooke, Mary Margaret having issues handling the towns people after the outage and Henry was being rejected from a suffering Regina. Mary Margaret was hilarious, after Granny, Happy and Grumpy cornered her. As Regina resigned from the mayor position, as she didn’t throw this curse, people were holding Mary responsible for the town. A sleep deprived, tired Mary Margaret went all out on her friends and later with a little help of Prince Neal she got the power back on.

Regina as said was pushing Henry away. Yes the Robin Hood thing, took a bigger tool on her and she wanted just to be alone. So she sent a message to Henry via crow, and told him to stay away.  But after he saw how Elsa and everyone wouldn’t get back down from his loved ones, Henry searched for his mother again and resolved their issues with her just by hugging her.

The reveal of the night happened after Elsa, couldn’t remove the ice wall she created even though she was in a good place. Than we flashed towards an ice cream shop and got to see a beautiful blonde woman,Elizabeth Mitchell,  freezing her store. The Snow Queen arrived and next week everyone will meet her.





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